Touch of white clothing and black pattern

Various patterns with a touch of monochrome color black or black and can actually make it look effortless and fashion look. The reasons like peas, stripes and plaids look black and white very out of time, but still elegant.

1. Polka dot
You can wear summer dress details from the shoulder pattern to polka dots for a more feminine impression. Meanwhile, appear year 50 wing, try wearing pattern polka dot blouse and other accessories such as sunglasses painting eyes.
2. The cartons
The reasons for checkered black and white checkers that it may seem more modern with the right combination. For example, combine a checked dress with leather jacket and give eye-catching lips with red lipstick. Or if you want to look more daring, there is no harm in using the top goggles and aviator culture berdetail check patterns to touch cooler.
3. Rows
You will never go wrong with a mixture of strips on strips or mixing a line of land at a glance. The only key, it is necessary to combine a smaller line reason with a larger one. And a touch of monochrome color in clothes and accessories.