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Obstacle the violent break and grab Robos

A thief can break windows and steal their valuables; Computers, tools, jewelry, … CBI in a matter of minutes. When a transparent safety film is applied to the inside surface of the glass, it can help keep the glass fragments together on the surface of the film while the glass is kept in the frame. This results in varying degrees of protection and safety according to the construction of the film chosen for the job, as well as the type of glass and frame. Very often a necessary part of the security film installation is a support of an additional structure around the perimeter of the frame. One product that accomplishes this is our Flex film system. The safety window film keeps the glass broken together if, but the Flex Film system keeps the film / glass combination enclosed within the perimeter of the frame.

Safety sheet operation

The safety film works by ensuring that the ultra-aggressive patented adhesive film forms a molecular bond for the glass and for holding together even after multiple impacts. While the glass can break or crack, it remains attached to the film and, in most cases, is still intact in its frame. The tensile strength, combined with the elasticity of the film and the resistance to cutting tools, eliminates the risk of objects that penetrate the glass and film.

Use a security film with alarms

When the security window film is used in conjunction with certain alarm, the alarm is triggered with the first hit in which the glass is broken access is still denied. Repeated attempts to create more noise and take more time before it was accessed. Since most seizures and seizures occur within minutes, the delay factor and noise that arises are usually enough to scare most thieves for easier targets.

Protection during disasters

One of the main causes of injury is the impact of man on the glass. The Cristal-Gard safety film virtually reduces and eliminates injuries of this type. The man with the glass covers direct impacts, such as falls or through a window and a flight glass due to explosions and natural disasters. Glass-Gard is fast becoming the tool of choice for the preparation of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Other advantages of glass-Gard

Other advantages of the Glass-Gard include reducing fading and protection against UV rays. Glass-Gard is also available in polarized and reflective varieties adding to the list of benefits; Reduced brightness, greater comfort, potential energy savings and greater reduction of soda.

Protection against damage, crime, destruction and loss of

Ordinary glass is the most vulnerable part of your home, office building or car. But with our security film and security window applied, the crystal turns into a barrier 24 hours 24 against accidental falls, delinquents, vandals, violent storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, and even industrial explosions and terrorists.

To Make Video Look Like Movie – Digital Filmmaker’s Guide

You have your script. You have your camera editing software and computer. It has a crew actors, and some places. Now the filming of his film “digital” begins. Although the “process of the film” described here uses the word “film”, what really speaking is the project in general, not the reasons by which they are based. In recent years, many traditional filmmakers have made the leap from film to digital video like many television series. The reasons are clear: even using the highest quality digital video formats available, the cost savings in the traditional 35mm film set should not be ignored, and the fact that many traditional film shoots use an “intermediate” Digital “(in an elegant way that the frame-by-frame movie is scanned in a series of digital still images) to provide color correction, add special effects (if necessary) and, in the case series regular television, Tape or disc and do not watch the movie again.

In the world of independent cinema, these recent changes have a great impact on the ability to pay production. Prosumer digital video cameras ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 offer clear and clear images. Software and publishing software also provide single source solutions, not only for image editing, but also for color correction, special effects, mixing sound and creating DVDs. There are a few years, an independent film shot in 16mm color film would have huge costs simply by renting / purchasing an appropriate camera; The cost of a film (400 feet coils over $ 90 each), treatment, cost reduction and negative color correction, and all this even if we choose to come out in the video and editing final images out there (Mariachi de A Robert Rodriguez. “) Now, a single mini-DV tape that costs around $ 4 can record up to an hour of movie. To edit without needing to capture bands however a fact remains – always shoot “video” and, unfortunately, the video does not look like “movie” There are several reasons:


The movie is shot at 24 frames per second (fps); The video was shot at 30 fps (although standard video is interlaced, ie each image is composed of two fields, which are analyzed at even / odd intervals, looks rather like 60 fps). Additional video images provide more detail in the movement of an object or a person, which makes the picture more realistic in nature. However, as a society, we have become so accustomed to the film’s aesthetic of 24 frames per second that the video does not create the “suspension of disbelief” “When we look at it.

Independent Film Investment

Independent Film Investments

Independent films present an alternative investment opportunity. The Blair Witch Project or employees of the passion of the whole Christ have one thing in common: they are independent films, independent films commonly known. Films like these present a unique opportunity for investors to engage in a creative project and see their name on the big screen.

An independent film is produced independently of major Hollywood studios. Due to their distance in Hollywood, independent films are often considered more artistic or more edgy than large studio productions. They are performed around the world at festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival in Utah or the Cannes Film Festival in France. Particularly interesting projects are sometimes bought by large studios for distribution. Independent films are financed with producers’ money for loans with the help of private investors.

Investors do not necessarily have a creative contribution despite the money contribution. There are several ways in which investors can find movies to invest. If you communicate with them directly, most producers will be willing to discuss the projects they have in the works. Investors could find producers through websites of independent production companies or connect in person, attending a film festival and discussing a conversation. Commercial magazines such as Variety can also provide valuable information. These publications often contain lists of projects, and films classified as “in production” may still need investors. Websites that focus on investing in the movie – such as or – can help investors choose investment opportunities.

Most of the investments in independent films are structured in a limited liability company or limited liability companies, according to Eufemmé Films. Investors are only responsible for the amount of money they decide to invest and are not responsible for other debts or obligations. Investors usually receive their initial investment before everyone gets anything from the project.

“After the investors have recovered and received their bonus, a mechanism of revenue distribution is activated,” according to Eufemmé Films. These agreements may vary from project to project. For example, the next film produced by SKW Entertainment SKS, offers two investment packages that investors can choose. In the same package, investors’ initial investment is not immediately returned, but they receive a higher percentage of all the revenue generated by the movie. Another option is that the initial investment is paid immediately, but the investor receives a significantly lower percentage than the film’s net income. The first option, which is more risky, offers superior performance potential, while the second option provides faster fund recovery with a small earning potential.

Tips on Buying Window Film Products

For homeowners who aim to maximize comfort and lower temperatures inside the home, investing in window products is a good option. Over the years, the popularity of these innovative products has grown robustly. It is not surprising that at present, there are many window films on the market. Designs have thrived and evolved and shades have been practical and logical.

If you own a home that is to make your home more comfortable and beautiful, you should consider purchasing Windows products. However, the sheer number of these items can make your purchase difficult, as you may realize that there are indeed too many brands and specific films on the market. You definitely need to practice on how you can choose and buy the best products from the most useful window film.

It is always important to make the best choice. The situation is no different if it is necessary to buy Windows products in the market. It is true that there are too many options, but if you will be guided accordingly, you will not hesitate to choose the best products that your home needs. Here are some recommended actions before going to the store to buy products window films.

Assess comfort

The main and usual owners reason for buying Windows products is the impact of increased temperature and brightness inside the house. If you have glass windows, you should know that the materials effectively absorb heat and light from external sources. The general function of window films to reduce entry into the heat of windows and natural light.

There are no window films, interior guards often put curtains or blinds on the glass windows. The problem is generally that these elements are not effective in controlling the heat input. However, light is significantly controlled, especially visiting the interior of the house uncomfortably dark. Windows products are better than those because these items regulate the entry of light and heat into the interior of the house. Choose films that will not remove light, but will reduce if not eliminate unwanted high temperatures.

About farm films

Operating movies are a type of film that is primarily based on exploiting marketing or benefits to topics that are taboo, banned or sensationalist and will attract a lot of popular attention and word-of-mouth without traditional marketing.

The films on the farm have been around since the early days of Hollywood. For example, two movies that can be viewed on my website are exploitation films of the 1930s.

“Reefer Madness (1938) This is considered the archetypal sensationalist anti-drug film, but it is actually an operative movie to capitalize on the hot taboo subject of marijuana use.Like many films currently operating,” Reefer Madness “Was trying to make quick money off a forbidden subject bordering the Film Production Code of 1930. The Code bans representation of immoral acts such as drug use (illicit drug trafficking should not be interpreted in a way that encourages Curiosity about the use or circulation of these drugs or scenes should be approved showing the use of illegal drugs, or their effects, detail).

“The film was filmed all over the country for many years – often re-edited and re-titled (” Tell Your Children “” drug addict “” doped youth “” Love Madness “” The Burning Question “). Found in the 1970s by the NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and was once again considered as an example of the demonization of cannabis by the government.NORML may have been confused about sponsoring one’s movie Of film distributors, Dwain Esper, testified before the Arizona Supreme Court that “Reefer Madness” was not a difficult operating film, but was sponsored by the US government – a convincing lie, but nevertheless a lie “.

And “Sex Madness (1938) This is another typical sexual exploitation film from the 1930s – complete with wild parties, sex outside marriage, lesbianism, etc. exposure of the choir member also” wash bed ” Expose to syphilis. Exploitation filmmakers hoped to take advantage of the taboo subjects of venereal diseases, premarital sex, lesbianism, etc. bordering the 1930 Film Production Code, which prohibits a movie contain such content films as this He would return to the United States every year – especially to be shot down, disguised theaters rows this film was re-edited and re-edited several times (“human remains” “do not do T” “trial marriage” Audition for the cinema, to enjoy a taboo subject that may have recently received a press or to appease local censors who disapprove of movie content.