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Pin Back Buttons for Your Campaigns

Customized pin back buttons are ideal for political and social campaigns. You can have them in different designs and sizes to fit within your budget and address your publicity needs. The sizes of pin back buttons vary from the small ones with an inch diameter, to a slightly bigger three inch diameter badge, and this all depends on the exposure required. When you are having fund raising, these buttons also help when perched on caps, jerseys, and other sections of the clothes people wear.

An innovative way of promoting products that marketers and advertiser can use is wearing pin back buttons. You give pin back buttons to your customers or for your staff to wear on their clothing or other visible areas. It advertises an event, idea, brand or product on a personal level without having to spend too much. Pin back buttons are durable and attractive. It can be used in different platforms without attracting negative publicity or attention.

Altogether you can five pieces in a pin back button assembly. The clasp pin, metal shell, metal back, a clear plastic cover, and a paper graphic are the five pieces in a pin back assembly. The pin is used to attach the button to a cloth or any surface. The graphic is held in place by the metal back while the transparent cover ensures that the graphic is not destroyed during use. With the transparent cover, the message becomes more clear and it is made more durable.
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The metallic part is made stylish and elegant by the use of tin plated steel. Even on dignitaries or any type of audience can have these pin back buttons as a campaign accessory. Sometimes these pin back buttons are clipped by magnets so that it does not puncture clothing or other surfaces. And to prevent staining through rust, they use high quality materials.
5 Lessons Learned: Accessories

With the use of high quality materials that looks elegant and can be read from afar, graphics can be generated. There are many types of messages you can put on the buttons. It can be images of icons, symbols for the organization, institutions, emblems, flags belonging to parties and nations, among other symbols. It is also possible to put messages for your current campaign on your pin back buttons. Templates can be used to make designs for your pin back buttons.

The metallic part of the button and the paper with the graphic can be affected greatly since they are not water proof. The graphics can fade if they are exposed to the sun too long. Don’t make the metallic part touch water since it can become rusted. Proper care must be taken so that your pin back button can maintain its shine.