5 Dinner Party Ideas for Couples Who Are Movie Lovers


Film enthusiasts become astute individuals, a beautiful combination of intelligence, taste and appreciation of this art. It is quite the case where an amateur film finds itself face to face with its match. As with any partner, finding things in common is an important key to having an excellent relationship, but for movie lovers, the innate power of cinema and appreciation for the celluloid of the arts makes a very burning love.

However, there are always the same ailments that all couples are trying and including the saga of what to do for the “night date”. The obvious choice is to see a movie, but for movie lovers, not just watching a movie. They want to go head first into a movie and know their inputs and outputs. DVD commentary, interviews director, jaw boobies is a part of the experience. How, then, is a film just a movie?

Do not worry as there are at least some things that can spice up the amateur movie night date. These five ideas can be the antidote to the blues night banal night:

1. Play a board game with a movie theme – Sure, this seems to stay at home playing a board game. The kicker, however, is that the game is based on a film, preferably with which each person is familiar. Trivial Pursuit thinks he knows the trilogy The scene or godfather is located in the Twilight saga. A little competition can make for a very entertaining evening, and bets can even be a bit of fun. For example, maybe you get a kiss whenever someone answers a bad question.

2. Look at a collection of “worst film based on …” – Why do you decide to spend time with someone you love watching terrible movies? For each of you develop outline convince arguments why they are so terrible. The great movie buffs are saying the critics, which is right in your driveway.

3. Know – If watching movies is your thing now, why not start right from the start? All of you choose your favorite movie when you were a child and watch them together. You’d be surprised how much you can learn to see your special someone still have tears in his eyes when a dinosaur or deer loses his parents.

4. Movies and food – If you watch a movie together and share a meal, why not combine the two watching movies that have food as their central theme? They may even have a food that stands out (Tater Tots, anyone?). Not only this choice in terms of movies you see, but divine food.

5. Get out and experience a “WoW” – On the subject of food and movies, why not go out and have an incredibly exciting new film experience? New movies in theaters are becoming more and more popular all over the world, and theaters offering gourmet cuisine and speakeasy-hip cocktails (even microbrewery on site!), Everything you and your darling have to do is seated And watch a movie that you both want to see together.

Movie lovers come together as the great debate on the night date just become a thing of the past. Be creative and spontaneous, and always remember to have fun.