5 ideas for birthday outings that will surely please your husband or boyfriend Film Buff


Finding the right birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend means you want to offer a gift that will hit your socks. If your husband or your BF happens to love movies, you are really lucky. Gifts for movie lovers are not hard to locate. More than likely your man really have a favorite director or series of movies they like, or maybe collecting memories. Either way, you have some pretty nice tracks to work with.

If you are considering outing or birthday excursion, you can keep it simple enough, a little geeky, be romantic, or blow your mind. Here are five ideas on the amateur movie insurance man in your life Happy Birthday:

1. Give a movie – Yes, it’s ridiculously simple. Yes, that does not seem worth mentioning. In the end, his reason for treating your special person for a movie means that he just needs to be ready to enjoy a movie. Popcorn buy one size you want and have it washed with a large soda. Maybe he’s a fan of a particular-sized screen or a theater offering drinks and food with a legitimate movie. You’d be surprised how much that would mean to him.

2. Optimize Your On-The-Go Movies – In this day and age, everyone tends to have a smartphone, and if your boyfriend or husband likes movies, you’re watching movies on the small screen. Why not make your phone become a mobile cinema to get its own movie projector for smartphones? There are many models available and costs vary from about $ 30.00 and up.

3. Have a picnic at the back Screening – You can create a mobile cinema for your backyard. Technology for home theater projectors and sound systems is incredibly affordable than ever. HDMI cable allows you to connect your laptop or DVD / Blu-Ray. But what about the screen? There are many tutorials for DIY movie screens, and even an inflatable movie screen! Of course it is a trip to the backyard, but not too many places, you can have a picnic and a movie with your loved one alone.