5 ways to find your favorite cult movies (and discover new favorites)


Whether they are horrible, hilarious, or just plan to stop watching, movies-on-the-top cult or extravagant movies that develop an obsessive fan base through generations can provide some of the most connections Memorable and entertaining movie with any type of movie viewing experience has to offer.

Although many of these classics enjoy their status in the absence of blockbuster or critically acclaimed, they offer more: the opportunity to have a unique personal experience with a piece of American pop culture often shared with friends, Parents or even foreigners. How many times have you and your brother drove the crazy family to quote the favorite Christmas lines of “Office Space”, for example? Or did your husband now decide she was in love with you when you realized that you were the only girl he had dated who thought “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” was as hilarious as him?

If you’re looking for ways to find more hobbies or public screenings of your favorite cult movies, discover cult movies “new for you” or add to your permanent cult collection, these 5 tips can help you connect with Success with some of the best cult movies available:

One: Connect with your local movie theaters.

If you know cinemas in your area that sometimes make “special” special movie screenings, subscribe to your newsletter or join their loyalty program or a fan club. Not only get updates on upcoming events directly in your inbox, it will also be the first to hear about offers, special benefits and others that have just been favorite guest.

Two: Be creative with the “Search” button.

His favorite cult movie may or may not appear on the recommendations that your cable company or the video streaming services provided, so be sure to use this feature periodically to see if there is a projection or current streaming. A film that had a desire to see. Why? Because sometimes this kind of darker titles can be “hidden” under the first layers of headlines you suggest when you log in or when you look at the “Guide” feature of your television service.

Three: Check out your local dinner in the rooms.

Cinemas serving cuisine run by the chef, homemade beer and creative cocktails are gaining in popularity each passing year, providing an incredible experience of watching movies. It is not unusual that these rooms offer special presentations with selections that are not first, so make sure to follow them on social networks (or sign up to communicate by email, see the tip) To know when they have a special event. You never know, the next might be your favorite cult movie ever, or a cult movie that “has always been on your to-do list,” but has yet to come to see.

Four: Visit your local CD / DVD store.