A good story transpense costs of film production

if you have a good story to tell, there is no reason why you should not make an independent movie. With the right film production techniques, good script, good people working with you and a relatively small amount, you can make a low budget film that can compete with the best of them in the circuit of festivals places like Cannes, Toronto , Telluride and the Film Festival. If your story is convincing enough, people forget that the value of production is a bit challenged.

There are people all over the world who have never abandoned their dream of making movies despite the difficulties in working outside the film industry. They are passionate filmmakers who believe that anyone who has a fascinating story to tell has the right to make a movie. Through their struggles, these filmmakers have created dangerous, cheaper ways to make movies. This revolution was born of frustration due to decades of having their creative voices avoided by the great film studios that favored commercialization in creativity.

Commercialism associated with movies that were released by major Hollywood film studios these days is very frustrating for any filmmaker who considers their work as art. Today, movies are thoroughly tested before ensuring that the studio has committed hundreds of millions of dollars will not lose money. This type of test tends to reduce the field to only a few types of films in which they invest, which means that there is no room for new ideas. True artists can never be happy when there are restrictions on their methods and materials.

Even though the film industry is a fusion of history and trade, part of history has always been the most important means of equation for the public. The top executives of the film seem to have forgotten this fact, as they continue to produce films that have more style than substance. People prefer to watch a good movie with a low production value that would make it a bad movie with high production value.