A Guide for Lay Laminating Films

Stratification is not an exact science. However, it may seem like an art form. We believe in Murphy’s law. Having said that, here are some tips, tools and definitions related to industrial deployment and assembly; Also known as the finishing department. Just like in any case find so many different sources of information and compare ideas. There is no final solution, as each one is different. Therefore Pencil is sold in 256 colors. The laminate is no different. It is available in a wide range of styles, each with its own attributes. Choosing the right laminate can be difficult. There are several things that should be taken into consideration. For what purpose do you want? Will it be in or out? What thickness do I want my finished product to be? Do I try to reduce my costs? Below you will find information that explains the different options available in the large laminate format, what they have to offer, their differences and other useful information about rolling.


Pressure Films to Laminate Sensitive – Cold Film Lamination – PSA Movies

In industry, the laminating film is often referred to as the name of the film in the laminate. For our discussion, as well as for the profane, we will refer to it as a simple lamination film; This includes both hot and cold films. In this section, only sensitive or pressure cold laminates are discussed. These are often called PSA films. A cold rolling film is composed of a base film layer, an adhesive and a release coating. There are a variety of base films: vinyl, polyester (PET) and polypropylene (OPP) are the most common. Base films are too numerous to list them all. The PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) may be an aqueous acrylic adhesive, acrylic solvent or even rubber. Each company has its own standard adhesive depending on the application. The last component is the coating. Release coatings range from 40-pound glass to a 1.0-millimeter polyester liner. All are covered on one side with silicon to allow the laminate to be separated from the liner with ease.

The width of a specific laminating film may vary due to the width width of the master roll of base films. Most PSA films are available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses and finishes. Most of the widths have been standardized by the needs of the industry. Standard roll sizes available 25 “to 61” wide, with standard lengths of 150 ‘and 300’.

Standard vinyl films are rated for outdoor use for up to 1 year. As the quality of the base film and the increments of adhesives, the life of the laminating film also increases. Polyester films are not for long term outdoor use as they will come out strongly over time. It is an inherent fact to the nature of polyester.