Act work contract – No Union – Low Budget to protect your payment performance


If you are committed to working on a low-budget film without being a member of the Union, how can you save your acting pay? You can simply sign an employment contract of the actor – Non Union – under budget with the film production studio.

Such an artist agreement came with the actors, who are not affiliated with any syndicate and who act moving images with low backgrounds released by the studio. The contract has legal validity between the artist and the studio, where both parties understand the terms and conditions, functions and responsibilities, according to the provisions included in the contract. The signed agreement also facilitates smooth production and distribution of the film.

There are some points that have their impact on such agreements signed between artists, who are not members of a union and a study. These points can be summarized as follows:

First, the player signs the contract at his discretion, knowledge and responsibility, due to the lack of availability of help officers and professional guidance.

No, professional knowledge and lack of experience, the contract was signed by the interpreter, sometimes can work against their interest. The artist may not have professional experience to negotiate or accept conditions that may adversely affect their effective functioning.