Acting as a profession – appropriate behavior of the game at the beginning and additional agents

Interim is a job

If you are an actor (additional) or a main actor, you must remember that acting is a job. Unlike the average, the position of the office cabinet every day in this craft that can be surrounded by cameras, lights, boom microphones, cables, crew members and famous actors like George Clooney , Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz; But when it is reduced, the fact is that it remains a job.

Regardless of whether you Delivered to be on the set one day or more, it is important to maintain a professional attitude. From the first day, make a good impression, and stay at this level or better.

Are you available tomorrow?

Your agent will call you to see if you are available to work the day you need. Give them a simple answer Yes or No Officers have a lot of arrangements to do – not have time to hear: “I’ll ask my boss”, “I have a doctor appointment that day “Or” Gee, a friend of mine died and I was in sight, but hey, I’ll be available. “(All the real answers that were received by real casting agents!) The most likely agent will tell you that you will have more information for you once you have actually booked. They can also check your email address.

Do not call your agent back to ask if you were booked or not. If you do not hear from them at the moment they said they would call, most likely it’s not reserved for the job. Do not take it personally. You may not have had the correct aspect of this scene, that’s all. But it is important not to disturb your agent about it. You have a new job, or you do not have it. Leave it and continue to the next hearing. (In fact, I prefer to call these “job interviews” – and try every hearing as if it were just that – an interview job)

You must be on the set

Now the agent calls you again and the states that are checked for shooting. Have a pen and paper by phone at all times for notes, just in case the agent does not forward the relevant e-mail information. (In this day and age, most agents simply send all relevant information via email.) If they are not, however, you need the following: (player background) Project name, type Working wardrobe? Accessories (briefcase, umbrella, etc.), location, call time and instructions. Note: If instructions, take them offered. Yes, you can check online, but often these online instructions are incorrect, or not consider construction or other issues.

Three to prepare

Cloakroom. Cabinet can be a complex issue. Depending on whether you are unorganized or the Union, there may be different requirements. I will try to simplify what I go along.