Actor Tools – The Word

At first there was the word, and for non-presence actors without words – you can argue that, but it is basically true. Wordless; Not play. You can have wordless games, but not much. It’s hard to write a template for a wordless program.

Words are the key to action, thought, feeling, relationships, the world must be created by the actors. The word is the most direct link directly to the artist who created this work and is so horribly mistreated.

You walk in the street, for the poorest and most disadvantaged areas, and listen to the richest poetry. Emotions, relationships, feelings, thoughts on sidewalks spilling burnt like bullets.

Get an actor on stage to recite epic poetry or drama Gritty today, and crush everything. They are not married at the word. They are married to their idea of ​​acting.

Educated to become a generic beast, actors become pale copies of its source material; A lie in a lie

Actors must learn to use words, trust them. The words guide the player through the dramatic battlefield. Words are weapons, they are shields, are sniffing dogs. Words are the keys to character.

There are twenty-six letters in our alphabet, and our language is binary. Coding and recoding to form the words we want, a simple and elegant construction, or a convoluted and convoluted structure reveals the character more than what it means.

Words are the key action; Words make you laugh; The words make you cry.

Interestingly, many players prefer to cry when performing to make the public cry. I guess they think the actor is more important than the character and if Sally, who plays Juliette, really cry, the audience will be very excited and impressed by her screen of authenticity. Of course, his inauthenticity – Sally just take the time to play Juliet to feel wonderful about herself.

The word is a link of a chain and a chain is as strong as its weakest link. How can you have a game – a world – together, like Atlas, with weak links? Shakespeare created his Verona in Romeo and Juliet with beautiful words, words that paint the imagination of the public hot and dusty streets, torrid love and violent fights. Earthy and poetic painting by David Mamet of a real estate agency uses to hold Glen Ross Glengarry four-letter words. You have to say as if it were written.