Actors Acting – Part 2


Like any other business, you need expert advice and advice from active professionals – professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with you. And where are these experts supposed to find? Experts found throughout the country, you just need to find them. Always a good teaching. You need to find an expert in your field that will help you develop your talent. If you decide to enter this business, you need to set goals. You have to be focused. Here are some good tips … small towns are easier to get because they offer more opportunities for players to start. The name of the game is to gain experience. As there is no ladder industry to climb, you have to make your own way by: SELECT YOUR MARKET: If you have not learned the basic process or skills, here is a tip: You Need a job with flexible hours, you can take time if needed for an audition or a real payroll job. Remember, flexibility is the key. YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE! The work is available in all types of fields: beam person, extra work (offers the best chance to be discovered), work stunt, voice on work, stand up comedy, work convention, narration, industrial, digital media (A growing industry) Modeling, Animator in a theme park, theater, stage work, work as a stand in. As you can see, know your type, you will know what concentration field. The type is very important. Once you know that, you can sell the package to the industry. What kind of character are you? Here’s an easy way to find out what you are. Take an “interview”. Go to the mall and ask strangers: How old are you that I am? – What kind of car do you think I drive? – Can you guess what I’m doing to live?

In this way, you get a broad consensus of what is perceived as. Say you are tall, handsome and in good physical shape of six feet – who would not be considered for a role as one of the seven dwarfs. However, you can get the prince! Remember that foreigners always see differently to your friends and family. Taking this “interview” is an easy way to find out what kind of people people are seeing. Once you know your type, it’s time to get an injection head. His head shot in this case is your business card. The thing to remember on a whim: 8 x 10 – Must be in color – and you have to see how it does … now! Make a list of photographers. Interviewing them, and note that they are working for you. You do not do a favor. Your job is to get the best picture of you – the one who will do the job. Once you have your head butt, he has a friend helping the already established industry, you choose the best shot. Now you are ready to create your resume. A resume is a list of things you’ve done that shows commitment to what you want to do in business. Remember, this is not what is on the front of the resume that counts, but what is on the back is important. List all your credits. Interim is like any other profession, requires training and training the better you will be actor.

Training is also very important to the list on your resume: theater, student films and / or commercial work. This shows where the actor was and what he did. To help you grow, stand in front of the camera, do scenes, practice monologues, develop your art and get along with other actors. Learn to play the camera; Improve constantly, take lessons. Keep every day – times change, follow the ship. An actor is as good as your workout. Do not include personal contacts in a curriculum vitae, as your home address. Use a service or pager; This way, you will not give any stored information. Beginner players should try to do all the jobs. There is no better way to know how it feels to be in a set to be on the whole. This will also help you get an idea of ​​how to work with other people / actors. As we said above, you need experience as an actor: make short games, student films, advertisements, to start doing it. Vaudeville for the actors is the student film. They are always looking for talent. Continue to study, continue to improve, business is always evolving. Keep track of all obediences and good luck.