Actors Are Psychic Channels – Why Emotional Instability and Addiction Are So Common

Why so many great actors and actresses who have difficulty coping with their emotional well-being? Almost every day, we hear leaders who have a history of drug abuse or take high doses of antidepressants. Many of these conditions are diagnosed by health professionals such as nervous disorders or low self-esteem, but conventional medical treatments have not solved this widespread social phenomenon. There are many metaphysical details of the action that remain unknown to most people who act. Until these details are taken into account, many actors and actresses continue to fall into the trap of drug abuse and heavy prescription drugs.

The action per se is a form of conduit. This form of channeling is not the same, for example, as psychic communicating with spirits or other non-physical beings. This form of the pipeline focuses on the emotional responses associated with certain events. Players get their emotional response from their own past experience, or they recover these emotions Akashic records of the grand universe. When the director says “action”, some players get into a barrier and become the characters they represent.

Think of the Akashic records as room records of the universe, in which every thought, word, feeling, and event of the past, present, and future is stored. Everything is there. With the right level of consciousness, we can access that information. In the Akashic records, events and emotions are usually kept together. It is very similar to data stored on a computer hard drive. When an actor channels the emotions they need for their function, in many cases, they must also download / channel in the Akashic records a part of the story / events that are connected to the emotions. When someone comfortable access to various levels of emotions, the energy body reaches the universal source of emotions and if these actors and actresses are not aware of energy practices, it becomes more difficult to disconnect from the source of the universe and Restructure your own body of energy.

For example, if she is an actress in a rape scene, she channels the fear and anger of a rape victim’s memory into the Akashic records. This memory and this emotion become clean actresses, up to a point. In your real life, you may begin to have recurring feelings of rape, even if you never thought of it before. In the same scene, as a male actor portrays the attitude of women against violence against women, this actor can go home and wondered why he later began to feel the benefits of this desire for violence. In his confusion, the actor can be filled with shame and decide that even discussing these feelings is not acceptable social behavior. Therefore, the player may decide to keep himself and suppress his feelings. Gradually, as more and more of these players of emotional / unpublished events have channeled more accumulated performance, the remedy chosen often becomes insensitive or drugs. Lasting peace will only become conscious of these energies and neutralize / discharge the emotional residue.