Actors Marketing Tips – The Cinderella Concept

Everyone has heard of the history of Cinderella is an important part of our culture. And it’s a fairy tale. Most of the girls who grow up in our society, thinking that one day “their prince will come …” to save the mother from rotten childhood misunderstanding average parents and distracts them from pain, misery and lack of control of their lifes. Then one can then “marry and live happily ever after.” The fit of the Cinderella foot glass shoe is just a nice touch.

The fairy tale: Young actors like Cinderella believe that if they can get the perfect agent to “believe in them” (Prince) – I hear that phrase about 50 times a week – they can be saved from a difficult career, and have Success to live happily ever after. So the concept was to find that perfect agent that is waiting for that special person, you, you fit the crystal slipper! Then the agent …

2 – GET A HEARING for this role ET-
3- that, of course, so bright THAT “SOUFFIEZ”
4- YOU get jobs and become a movie star
5- to live peacefully ALWAYS AFTER

Right? FALSE. It does not work that way. “Waiting for your prince to come” and saving is a misconception among most of the actors I know. It is based on fear and the feeling of helplessness – you can not do this, an actor, yourself. Guess what? It can not! But you can change your concept and approach and create a network of professionals to help you succeed.

The reality: Most agents are not prepared or financially capable of representing anything for nothing (10% of anything is nothing if you are not already reserved paid jobs on television or movies … or jobs at all! ). Since it takes the average player 3 to 5 years to solve, 10 years for a major niche in the industry, what to work for nothing for 5 to 10 years? True? So you should be more concerned about building your resume with the credits, experience and development of your contacts in the industry.