Actors Marketing Tips – The Yellow Tile Path


I do not know anyone in the last few decades have not heard about the Wizard of Oz, this wonderful musical journey on the yellow brick road with a teenager Judy Garland singing her heart. He left the MGM files on time and played in another generation that appreciates the story. In addition to being entertaining, she teaches us valuable four topics about life.

First, life seems better elsewhere – like in the rainbow sky. But, in fact, there is no place like home. What was given and in general is very good if you can recognize and accept it. Dorothy wanted to explore the world beyond Kansas, but after experiencing this, the beloved farm Aunt Em and the hands of the farm is quite wonderful.

Secondly, no one is really alone. When lost in a strange world and needs friends in life, there will always be a tin man, the cowardly lion and a scarecrow to help him.

Third, there will always be threats and challenges in life, the forest of fear of the Bad Witch of the West. But there are always people too. So Glinda, the good witch Dorothy comes to help when she really needs it.

And fourth, the Wizards are not always infallible. Sometimes it can lead you astray. The journey itself in the yellow brick street was actually more valuable to Dorothy as finding the magician because she has learned much about life and herself. She gained confidence and learned to trust her friends, find her way home.

How is it related to an acting career?

1. Arc-en-ciel – I have never met an actor who at one point did not feel that another actor was chosen in a role that he wanted or had contractual function of a television series or a B’way audience Or a movie star condition. Things always look better when someone has them.

Lesson: An intelligent player should be careful with jealousy and resentment. You rarely see the real or the disadvantage of being a movie star or playing the role of another person. Accept that what you are and what you are is a wonder and that your path is the only one. Enjoy work and form. It really is a success!

2. Friends – they are wonderful if they are compatible with your program – what you are trying to achieve – just like the temperamental trio by Dorothy. They gave everything to help her return home.
Lesson: Make sure your “friends” are true friends. When your “audience” consists of other players do not work assets that they feel and hostile, beware! Of course, it can be stopped. Hang with the winners and become one! Join the mind control players focused on success!

3. Threats and Challenges – Fortunately, there are not really many people in this world whose goal is to destroy players, but there are industry professionals, including professors / divinists in the activity, casting directors, film directors or other people Which can discourage, demean or insult artists. They should be avoided “like the plague” and ignored. The Bad Witch of the West should have no control over you. Tell them to “disappear”! Or “drop a house on them!” (This is Glinda, the good witch, advises Dorothy to do).

Lesson: No one can tell if you are right or wrong or even if you should consider another career. An acting teacher or casting director should not use a paid class or workshop to harm his or her mind and psyche. Fortunately, there are very few people in the company. It seems they have disappeared with the “study” era.

4. Attendants – Maybe we can translate that means Hotshot agents, managers, those who promise to get there, but do not seem to have the ball off the ground. Or when they do, they are not on board. Most agents know that they want you to succeed, but some do not have the connections to get you in the door, they do not understand your type and your rank or simply what “get” it. Nobody is perfect.

Lesson: Do not rely on a person or an organism to advance your career. Happen. Dorothy finally did not need the magician to take him home. She had the power of ruby ​​red sneakers all the time. And wishing and expressing their purpose, they have made it possible by themselves. So you can! Finding a good agent takes time and you have to be selective. Do not rush to find this “game” more than you could