Actors = Risktakers


There are basically two types of players: those who are at risk and not people at risk.

Actors are safely following a safe route avoidance avoidance. Their low tolerance for ambiguity,
Possibly negative results, keeps them safe from rejection. They prefer to avoid
Any negativity or criticism for not running the risk of a personal choice. They just want
Listen to what is good and positive without having to go through the pulse beat
Effect of challenging its status quo. They avoid any challenge they might
It means failure.

Actors who may not have artistic value. Your audiences and presentations
They are predictably soft. They act the words of the script or on the sides, not the story of the
character. They fear an unknown result. Consequently, these actors are not involved
Or interesting to see. These actors have one or two steps in a slightly risky direction
But they are generally divided into their safe and predictable position.

On the other hand, an actor who is an advantage for conflicts and others
constantly. They expose their feelings and ideas that may experience negative results, such as
Harsh criticism, bad criticism or defective audiences, which presents a unique and personal character
Appearances of the characters. These options make these actors reveal some
Or personal quality or unusual idea or thought.

An actor who is constantly a risktaker affects not only exciting, but also
Look, since you are never satisfied and always dig more. They
Experiment and explore the different presentations of the characters and stimulate
What they learned or were forced to do.

These players tend to jump first and then to take care. They have a risk
Select, present and question it later.