An iron resolution is needed to produce independent film production.

Commitment is the most valuable resource of an independent film director. Without much money to grease the wheels of production, a low-budget film producer must rely on the creativity and determination to make his films. If a person wants to be bad enough, there is not much in this world that can keep it from happening.

Making a movie with your own money is a very daunting task. This can also be very rewarding. When you decide to take on the enormous responsibility of writing, directing and producing your own independent film, it is best to know what lies ahead. Once the ball is set in motion, there is no return. You succeed and the film makes the film festival circuit (which is a great achievement in itself), or crush and crush the middle of the film production process and your vision of the film never see the light of day .

The next time you watch a movie, I suggest you pay close attention to the credits at the end of the movie. Look at the number of names that appear on the screen and you will be given an idea of ​​the amount of work in the making of a moving image. Then remove all the names on the screen and picture your name in front of all the credits for each job and this will give you an idea of ​​the amount of work you need to do to create your own movie.

When I graduated from film school I hit the ground running. I landed a decent job as the Director and animator in an independent movie that bore the name of Pat Boone. I was hired to film clay animation stories about the Bible. I worked on the job for about four months and paid quite well for my efforts. I decided that the best thing I could do with the money I saved was make another movie. I would like to have the knowledge and money I earned and would use it for myself. I decided to make my own movie with the idea in mind that I would be taking part in the film festival circuit and hopefully win prizes. If that happens, it will almost certainly be a boost for my film career.

I wrote a script for a short film that involved a combination of clay animation and live action, and I was ready to make a movie. My plan was to use all my knowledge and talent and do almost all the work. For parts that I could not do for myself, I engaged friends and associates at a substantially reduced rate. They agreed to work for cheap in exchange for some creative control, a credit for their show, and possibly exposure if the film goes well at major film festivals. I just had to hire for the shoot live action scenes and some post-production work (such as sound design, mix, foley sound effects, etc.). The animation would make me alone.

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