Are you a film critic or a movie reviewer?

If you have ever looked for information about a movie, chances are it has been received by the results pages of a wide variety of websites and blogs. Some of them are well-established sites associated with important publications, while others are the reflection of someone who writes about cinema as a hobby. What I find interesting is that all these people are located as some refer to themselves as a film critic while others say they are reviewing the movie, and yes, I ‘have my own class myself movie website And as a film critic who will explain why later. But the question is: “Is there a difference between a movie critic and a film critic and is it really important?”

What is a Film Critic

As far as I know, there is no hard and fast rule that can and can not be considered a film critic, there is a degree or course that should pass to be allowed to all critics see as critical. Although there are some characteristics that, in my opinion, define those who are called film critics outside the commentators who say the film.

First and foremost, a film critic in general, seems to be someone who likes not only films but also all aspects of the film and thus understand the different roles that the crew provides a set of films can punch subtle variations in the Techniques used and can usually run for years on the subject of films without hesitation in their deeds. It is this deep knowledge of cinema that allows them to write their critics with an authority and it can be said that he was originally a writer of this player before launching himself to a film of this type.

Too much credit, they are also someone who usually takes a long day at work. A critical aspect of film usually any movie, whether in their comfort zone or not, good or bad, read press releases, biographies and heavy books about the cinema that can be so annoying. They have witnessed previous films being advertised as the classics, but many fans of modern films are old and overrated. They basically know your business and work hard to keep up with things instead of your average person on the street who tends to watch the movies they like and little else.