Become a fashion model

It should seem easy to be a fashion model. All they have to do is stay there and look pretty and smile, and everyone loves it, and decorated with all the hottest fashions. Not to mention that they pay millions of dollars in approving establishments and learning to travel around the world for work and leisure. Glamorous work aspects are however undoubtedly exciting, being a fashion model, it is not easy or free of a lifestyle as it seems.

First, before any model is well known, they must be signed by a modeling agency. Modeling agencies are biggest companies representing fashion models to work in the industry. Often they manage the commercial aspect of fashion design, such as contracts, billing and job safeguarding. An agency can bring a model to celebrity with its extensive relationships in the industry. One of the hardest parts is to get signed by the agency in the first place. In order to even hope to qualify, women’s models must be between 5’6 “and 6’0” with a “proportional to their height” body weight. In other words, the perspective models must be extremely thin. Because hundreds and thousands of young girls aspire to a modeling job, a model must have some particular quality success, which helps to stand out from hurricane budding models.

Once a signed model works, you must constantly look for ways to go. One of the biggest events in the world of modeling and fashion design is fashion week. A fashion week is a series of one-week track demonstrations have several collections of different designers. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week of New York is one of the most famous fashion weeks, as well as Paris and Milan, the fashion capitals of the world. Exposure to a runway during the fashion week can lead to higher class, lucrative contracts for the models. Every week collections of fashion shows often more than a hundred designers, and each designer shows a spring and autumn collection, but compared to the number of models competing for points on these tracks, competition remains fierce!

The next step towards top modeling star is to land a place like the face of a prestigious fashion campaign. Campaigns for particular models of fashion designers can earn a lot of money, as well as sufficient exposure to keep them permanently working for a long time. One of the most popular examples of this is the perfume campaign, and fashion design houses like Gucci, Valentino and Chanel display extremely high class ads for its perfume products, which the model elite is participating in.