Best for audiotioning

In a recent documentary Showtime describing sixteen professional actors who had not participated in a list and who had worked in countless films and television shows, almost unanimously accepted subject. Actors clearly do not benefit from the required hearing processes to ensure a work performance. In fact, most I despise will actually pass an audition for casting directors. This feeling is widely felt throughout the world to act, from unknown hopes until the well-recognized recognizable faces that have passed through the casting process repeatedly.

The question is why so many players are upset at reading casting directors? One of the reasons could be something that would be a surprise to people outside the entertainment industry … casting directors are almost always bad actors. This is a fact that was raised by the actors of the documentary Showtime mentioned above. When an actor is reading the lines in an audition, the casting director rarely offers his lines with anything the actor can use to “listen and react. The actor is obliged to imagine that the lines of casting directors have received a “real” way.

For the defense of the casting directors, they are in a situation where they have to audition hundreds or even thousands of actors during the casting of a film or television show. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to take your best performance for each reading? The casting director would be emotionally exhausted beyond belief at the end of each day. It should also be clarified that when the actors come to the preliminary hearing almost always read their lines directly to the casting director. During later hearings, read with another actor and the process becomes a little more tolerable.

Another reason for the reluctance of stakeholders in the process is the same reason that non-actors often do not like to interview for regular jobs. It puts you in the place and you can disturb. It is the “first impression” factor that can be stressful. People are generally not like being judged. Sometimes a person can really need this job for financial reasons and creates an environment where “pressure is on.” Therefore, not only are the actors who have to endure listening situations.

Therefore, as hearing process can be excruciating for many artists, is the only thing that works. And until someone presents a better way to start reading the actors with the casting directors will continue. There is a promising trend that is beginning to happen in the entertainment industry. The casting directors begin to accept videotaped auditions instead of coming to his office and reading with them. And talent is chosen comes and goes right to reading with an experienced actor. However, the vast majority of initial hearings should still remain in the traditional way. The workshops take cold reading and study other hearing techniques is paramount if you want to minimize the pain and maybe become one of the few that really like hearing.