Diving – Outdoor Movies by the Pool


For many people, swimming is a beautiful summer. Why not combine this fun summer tradition with watching a movie? Diving movies combine two favorite family traditions to create a fun summer activity the whole family can cool off.

YMCA, communities and owner associations, community pools, water parks and even backyards are some of the many places where they carry out poolside made movies. Scuba diving movies are usually summer events, but places like aquatic centers with indoor pools can accommodate all year round.

A pool movie event is set up as a traditional outdoor movie event. A large inflatable screen, a powerful sound system and projector can transform an outdoor space into the cinema. The only difference with the events in the pool is that the cinema screen installed near the pool, and instead of sitting on chairs or blankets, movie lovers enjoy the experience of tubes rafts, noodles or swimming pool loungers pool.

Like any movie event, choosing the outdoor movie theater in the pool is important. Be sure to choose a movie based on the expected audience. A film on the water could be an excellent choice for your experience of diving in the film. Films like jaws or Pirates of the Caribbean are good selections for an older audience. For a family event, try to find Nemo, Shark Tale or Flushhed away.

In addition to a themed movie, serving themed movie snacks are another great way to get the most out of the main pool. The red fish, blue Jell-O Jigglers cut fish or shark shapes or even sandwiches cut into shapes of ocean animals are fun and simple refreshments for the whole family. Serve ice cream or frozen drinks to keep everyone happy. You can even rent a muddy machine to make special summer gifts.

Set the scene by decorating the event. Choose Tiki torches or citronella candles for good lighting and insect avoidance. Also consider decorating with balloons or blue flags or ocean themed garlands. Splashing the refreshment table with a cloth in bright colors, candles or special centers.

A movie splatter is an excellent addition to most summer, if you try to plan an event for your community to gather neighbors, or if you own a home trying to schedule a meeting to remind your home. You can also add a movie next to the pool another special event. Complete a birthday party in the afternoon or a family reunion with a movie after dark splashes, or arrange the end of the school year at a movie event.

Summer is to have fun with family and friends and find new and exciting ways to stay cool. An event next to the outdoor pool of the movie is fun for the whole family. Adults can relax on the sun loungers, and children can have fun in the pool, floating in chambers or noodles.

The best apps movies on Android smartphones that everyone should have!


How are you? I hope the weather is good there. I know you love Android, but maybe you like the movies too! Nowadays we reveal great movies 3 applications every movie fan should have on your phone. Come on!

1) Run Pee

Running Pee is truly one of the most practical movie applications anyone can have on their phone. My favorite feature is that this application allows you to set an alarm to tell you when is the best time to go to the bathroom so you do not miss a large part of the movie. In addition, the application also includes a brief summary of what has been lost during your activity. Imagine that you go to the bathroom just to go and visit, you realize that you have lost the best part of the movie. A waste of money! Now you do not want to, do you?

Also, remember these extra end-to-end scenes in the fun Monster Inc? Some movies have extras that deserve to be seen. And this prompt tells you if the movie you are watching contains extras you want to watch. Awesome!

2) Movies and TV Ratings

Trailers, images, cases, shows times, ratings, comments and much more – all included in the IMDb organization. If you are a movie fan, this is a holy grail for you. With the touch of a finger you can know all the details for any movie in the cinema. You are allowed to buy your favorite movies using Amazon. Amazing. I’m sure some of you have heard of this app. If you are looking for a better movie app, remember more. He found it.

3) Crackle

Want to turn your phone into a mini movie screen? Now you can! With crackling, you can watch pretty good movies (I’m not talking about Yucky old movies here) on your phone. There are movies like The Panic Room, they do not spoil with the Zohan, etc. You can share the love and the movies you’ve seen before. In addition, it has a clean interface, clean and easy to use. Since there are few ads in the app and you can not see the latest blockbuster movie, but it is still one of the best applications Android movies broadcast on Google Play. In addition, a fast Internet connection is preferred since we broadcast movies here.


Now, there are millions of movie apps on Google Play, but these apps are going to do a great job to satisfy your cravings movies. So there they have guys, the best movie apps on Android! Now you are an expert in the movie! To have pleasure.

Lincoln (no vampires!) A MUST SEE movie!


Lincoln seems to be a hot topic in the halls this year. I do not know why this is so, but first, they hunt vampires and now the slaves are freed. Go Abraham!

I must begin by saying that this movie was incredible. Really. It was great (and I mean damn cool!), And action scripts, reach and emotional impact has been extraordinary.

But a word of warning … this is not the movie that kills vampires. So if you think it is you will probably be very confused and about an hour to wonder happy when the vampires come and how the writers have disappeared with NO including this fairly large fougueur element in the first 10 or 20 minutes of the film . Because you can not make a vampire movie with Abraham Lincoln and vampires are not principles.

You may also wonder how the frame works vampire at all, once you have one or two hours in the movie. A rebel soldier from the north and attack will raise the president dear, only to be found and beheaded a vampire? Is one of the cabinet members opposed to emancipation becomes a vampire and Lincoln eventually justified hitting a stake in his racist heart? These are true thoughts you have if you expect vampires.

How can I know? Well, this is what happened. Firstly, I’m not really what movies to come out, what’s hot and what’s not, and so on. As you will have noticed if you follow me anywhere, I am very surprised to write lately. So I do not know which version of Lincoln’s vampire had come to an end and never went to theaters. I did not know there was another movie that Lincoln, surprisingly, not always vampires AVEAIT!

Dmytry and I planned our afternoon to see the latest Twilight movie. But my parents and my 14 year old sister come to town this family I-night have not seen in the last few years – and they wanted to see us, so I rescheduled this particular movie for tomorrow and they have decided instead to go. Being the good wife that I am, and as I have the most impressive husband who wanted to use our little time to the movies to see Twilight, we told him we could pick up the movie. I would like to see everything I wanted.

The latest review of the movie Dragon


Being born in the 80’s and being a fan of martial arts as a child, I have always been an opportunity for this movie. I knew him when I was little, and because the name sounded familiar (Enter the Dragon is my favorite movie at the time). I did not know that it would be one of the only time I proved my knowledge on British television. I’ve never seen it on TV since, and recently I’ve bought the DVD again.

The film is about a Kung Fu student named “Bruce” Leeroy Green, who wants to reach the final level, a feat that Bruce Lee realized. The final level is reached when you are surrounded by a mystical glow, showing that you are a true kung fu master. Leeroy’s teacher told him to go to a Kung Fu master in New York, kby, the name of Som Dum individual. At the same time, he fell in love with Laura Charles Video Music presenter who wants him to be his bodyguard to help video game king Eddie Arcadia. A poor Kung Fu master like the Sho-Nuff is back in town and wants to fight Leeroy, so he can be the master of Harlem kung fu.

The film was directed by Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records, which, of course, the soundtrack is exceptional. The film features the best of R & B and hip-hop of the time, sprinkled with references to martial arts, including “Rhythm of the Night” and “7th Heaven”. The soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard in a movie and is strong everywhere, with very strong vibration of the eighties. If you have a soundtrack for a movie, this should be the case. This is especially great when Laura Charles starts to play a song in the seventh studio Heaven and puts Enter the Dragon, Leeroy is improving, it is disturbing to that point. The only negative aspect of the film’s music is that Eddie Arcadia’s girlfriend wants to be a pop star and that’s great, but unfortunately we have to suffer through her bad, musical music.

Sho-Nuff, the film’s main villain played by Julius J. Carry III, is brilliant. He is one of the best villains of the film, nobody can touch. He walks with giant shoulder pads and claims to be “The Shogun of Harlem”. It has classic lines like “Kiss Mis Converse” and unforgettable. I’ll be honest steal the movie under Taimak’s nose.

Taimak plays “Bruce” Leeroy Green, and it’s amazing to know he had no experience in the previous performance, and learned about the set work. It has a fantastic change. The fight scenes are incredible and certainly worthy of being called a kung fu master, his action may be a little wood sometimes, but since this is his first role, he did a brilliant job and honest marks his scenes To fight more

I also think that brother Richie Leeroy is fantastic, that he is hilarious in the movie and a great actor here. It is played by Leo O’Brien.

The use of children for tablets to distract their children to the cinema?


As parents, it is inevitable that children’s things interfere. One day a movie hits the big screen you really want to watch and if you do not have a nanny, you will probably be forced to skip the movie or, as a last resort, take the kids with you. If you choose the latter, making a tablet can help make the evening enjoyable for you and the kids.

Depending on the type of movie you are going to watch, it probably will not be suitable for your little one, but this should not stop you from leaving. Imagine that you and your spouse have already made plans to spend a night watching a movie come to theaters in the coming weeks, but when it came time, your nanny in flakes and back. No problem. Dress up your children, hold a blanket, take the tablet with headphones / helmets and hit the door.

The film is rated PG or R rated, it does not matter. The goal is for the kids to be busy and entertained watching the movie on the tablet, while you and your other friendly get up and watch the movies. When you get to the cinema, select a section of seats that seems less disturbing to the other, preferably the back, but that does not matter, because the cover blocks any bright light from the tablet and the headphones / helmets will be the tablet while their Other followers of disturbing films.

Make sure you have already chosen your pre-loaded kids movies on the tablet, or if you have a great data plan, you can Netflix, but be sure to choose a movie that kids want to see. If your children are like most children, then they want popcorn, snacks and / or drinks to make that purchase before entering the big screen, so when you enter the theater and choose your seat, you made one Tent with your child’s coverage (s) so they can be in their own world while watching their secondary film on the tablet.

The coverage should be dark, so do not let light pass. The store should also be enough to not obstruct the view of the customers behind you low, otherwise you sit in your back against the wall. You will no doubt need headphones or headphones so your child does not disturb other movie watchers with the sound of your children’s movie.