Vocabulary Development Powered By Film Credits for English as a Second Language Students


“When everyone thinks alike, then nobody thinks. – Walter Lippman

The development of technology plays a dynamic role in the evolution of media presentations an outdated technology to contemporary music for your messages to reach all individual consumers. As a result, the media are obviously making observed changes between the genre, such as films that show complex to impress the public structures. In addition, you can see that movie posters to their final credits are invisible factors that tend to be very educational for the acquisition of English as imaginative and seriously by language the language of the teachers. This awareness inventive anchor with the theory of media education supporting this material to improve language skills and communication students. This concept we find a solid idea of ​​the characteristics of each film not only function as a simple entertainment and could be noticeable in the exercise of the language. In other words, each element having interact or develop teaching strategies. One of its important components are known as end credits not limited to distribution and crew list is at the end of a movie. To be able to explain their pedagogical value, an example passing from an Edge of Darkness movie. Generic end of the film have been dissected as inputs for innovative vocabulary teaching through a series of interplaying tasks constructed with simple words, collocations, phrases, clauses and sentences.


The material is an end edge under the credit direction of the black film produced in 2010 by the film crew, Warner Bros.


Mel Gibson – Mr. Tom Craven Bojana Novakovic – Emma Craven, daughter of Mr. Craven Damian Young – Senator Jim Pine Caterina Scorsone – Melissa Wayne Duvall – Chief of Police Gbenga Akinnagbe – Detective Darcy Jones Paul Sparks Northampton Christy Scott Cashman – Detective Vicki Hurd
Gordon Peterson – Investigator
Timothy Sawyer -Dr. sawyer
Molly Schreiber – Reporter
Charles Harrington – neighbor
Lisa Hughes – news presenter
Charlie Alejandro – Boston Police
Cindi Alex – driver
Terry Conforti – wife of Senator Pine
Nicholas Grava-basketball player
Dan Marshall – Visit to the hospital
Robert Masiello – businessman
Gary Roscoe – first page editor
Reporter Edward Stanley -Radio
Vyvian friends Stevens Tom Craven
Darryl Wooten -Reportero TV News
Adam Zalt – Business Traveler

Actors Marketing Tips – The Cinderella Concept

Everyone has heard of the history of Cinderella is an important part of our culture. And it’s a fairy tale. Most of the girls who grow up in our society, thinking that one day “their prince will come …” to save the mother from rotten childhood misunderstanding average parents and distracts them from pain, misery and lack of control of their lifes. Then one can then “marry and live happily ever after.” The fit of the Cinderella foot glass shoe is just a nice touch.

The fairy tale: Young actors like Cinderella believe that if they can get the perfect agent to “believe in them” (Prince) – I hear that phrase about 50 times a week – they can be saved from a difficult career, and have Success to live happily ever after. So the concept was to find that perfect agent that is waiting for that special person, you, you fit the crystal slipper! Then the agent …

2 – GET A HEARING for this role ET-
3- that, of course, so bright THAT “SOUFFIEZ”
4- YOU get jobs and become a movie star
5- to live peacefully ALWAYS AFTER

Right? FALSE. It does not work that way. “Waiting for your prince to come” and saving is a misconception among most of the actors I know. It is based on fear and the feeling of helplessness – you can not do this, an actor, yourself. Guess what? It can not! But you can change your concept and approach and create a network of professionals to help you succeed.

The reality: Most agents are not prepared or financially capable of representing anything for nothing (10% of anything is nothing if you are not already reserved paid jobs on television or movies … or jobs at all! ). Since it takes the average player 3 to 5 years to solve, 10 years for a major niche in the industry, what to work for nothing for 5 to 10 years? True? So you should be more concerned about building your resume with the credits, experience and development of your contacts in the industry.

What Every Agent Should Know

Some actors like to be a member of “Ay of my club”, which usually consists of blowing in their audiences and lack of success, to drag other players with them. They blame their bad agent, their daily work, or maybe their dog! Hey, at least he’s going to listen. It’s a captive audience, right?

Of course, commiseration feels good for the moment, but this constant borage of negativity can lead an actor to drill a hole in doubt and defeatism. But what is the benefit? What is achieved with this? Maybe it’s reassuring to commit, but it does not delay your career positively.

When an actor hides in his career, it is easy to blame others instead of holding a mirror for them. While some factors are out of our control, as the years of the writers strike and summers can be slow for auditions. But sometimes this stops the actor is an internal block or limiting / negative belief about himself; Known this, consciously or unconsciously.

Why do the blocks occur? Sometimes it is the cause of an experience or a series of experiences that a person has suffered. Sometimes a person who has experienced a real or perceived failure begins to believe that they always fail and feel powerless. At this point, it became a learned behavior. Now, this individual sees each situation as immutable and feels stuck. “I will not remember because I never recover.” Psychologists often refer to this as “a recognized impotence.”

At some point, many of us have been deceived by a series of lies about ourselves. Some examples may be: “You can not do —” (fill in the space) or “you are not good enough to do —“. The messages may be subtle, but they are still there. It’s like his friend actor Roy University, who was sleeping on the couch for three months. Uh, Roy, I thought it took three weeks to get close to you?

These negative beliefs and limiting internal dialogues seep into your work as an actor as they bring in every role you play. Many players are not aware of their inner blocks and, instead, give up, to feel defeated; I really do not understand why. You are your own instrument, so it is vitally important for you, your life and your interpreter to live up to your potential.

Once a player recognizes these self-sabotaging messages, they can begin to move forward. Then the actor begins to realize that they have the power to change their thinking process, create a game plan and have a successful career.

One of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz, not just because I thought it was magical when the movie went from black and white to color. When Dorothy was desperately trying to get home, good witch Glenda said, “You have the power suddenly, my dear.” You, as an actor, have everything you need inside.

Film Financing – film Graduates meet the challenge?

Graduates of the Film Studies Program have a new opportunity in film and video production. Of course, every possible opportunity comes a challenge – and in this case the challenge is to find funding for your employer or your projects.

With the advent of digital equipment the scope of film and video production increased. As usual the Hollywood film production is no longer the only way of a career for film graduates. There are a multitude of possibilities in audio and visual applications across the company, government and entertainment industry. This means more opportunities for graduates interested in producing their own film and video projects, or to get the most interesting positions with the major film and video producers.

Funding has been a big word for years in the film industry. The “blue suits” and the banker’s cold heart are synonymous with the enemy of creation. However, in this new era the opportunity must be the “blue suit” and creativity.

How can we find a way to learn more about financing films, budget films, etc.? First, let’s look at the film studies programs.

There are many movie studio programs available now that I find confused and have worked in the film industry for over 20 years. Universities take a degree of approach to the liberal arts to their curricula and universities / schools take particular technical practical approach. In any case, it is indisputable that the film Studios are the big companies. The following excerpt from the New York Times Company, published
March 6, 2005 ©, clearly has the size of a commercial reality of film studio:

“Nearly 600 colleges and universities in the US programs offer movie studios or related subjects, a number that has grown over the years … At the University of Southern California, the School Of Cinema-Television is the oldest National Film School (created in 1929), half of college students 16500 take at least one film college / television class “.

Film festivals can be very good for independent filmmakers

If you are one of those people who have gone to film school and still can not understand why they do not teach you how to get a job in the film industry, then I suggest you stop complaining, collect any Producing creative films and working people you know, becoming an independent film and in film festivals. If you win a prize at a film festival in good stead your life can change very dramatically for the better. Even a small prize in a smaller festival more than you probably have on the road to a career in film industry film.

Most people go to film school with great dreams of work and maybe even make a name for themselves. They have visions of red carpet interviews, acceptance speeches from the Academy Awards and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, most of them never see these dreams come to fruition and will face endless frustration and disappointment instead.

After graduating from film school most people should go into a business that is considered one of the most difficult in the world to find a job, unless you have links, of course. For those who do not have the connections, it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately for them, the Hollywood film industry is run by a very united community that practices nepotism and rarely opens the door to newcomers.

If you want to enter Hollywood, but your name is not Barrymore, Begley, Cyrus or Sheen and the only connection you have is a cousin who runs your local cinema, your best chance of success is to make an independent movie and enter In film festivals. If you place in the top three of any category you enter, you will usually be asked to send a copy of the film from its film to the film festival so that it can be screened to the public attending these events.

The public film festival is a combination of film critics, journalists, media, representatives of film distribution, film buffs, celebrities and local residents. These are the people who can create a buzz around a movie after they see it. When a buzz around a movie is created in a movie festival usually starts in the halls of the theater then makes its way into the media where you can take a living. If this happens to a movie that is destined to succeed, and the person who made the film trampolines into a career in the movie industry. Ask Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino about the value of film festivals and will tell you.