Cinema 4D Planesmart

Cinema 4D has a new application that allows you to import a “psd” Photoshop in layers and then assign individual layers in space Z. This allows you to capture layered images created in Photoshop and apply in your Cinema 4D file . With the import of a layered file, you can individually adjust the individual layers in the cinema, even remove layers if desired.

At present, PlaneSmart shown in the Maxon Ciniversity website with the ability to download and installation instructions homepage. Ciniversity is an excellent resource in itself and has many tutorials and “goodies” that are available for both members and non-members.

When you download the PlaneSmart Plugin, unpack the download and you will see a folder that contains PlaneSmart Movie Library files. Navigate to the complete installation directory of Cinema 4D R12 and copy this full folder to the add-ons installation folder. Always copy new files together like this to keep the original download a labeled discrete place. If there are problems later, any questions regarding exactly what you downloaded, upgrades, will be the original to review and compare.

Once you have installed PlaneSmart, just start or restart Cinema 4D and should see it in the add-ons menu. This is the simplicity of Cinema 4D add-ons, usually this simple process of downloading, copying and restarting the application.

Now, when you click on the add-ins, you will see PlaneSmart presented. Click on this menu, you just ask for a Photoshop file. It has an option to create a camera layer for the Photoshop file to resize the clips and apply the persepctive correction. Layer has other options, including sublayers and the amount of displacement of the dimension Z (10 cm by default).

It is fun to import Photoshop files to see what effect the different layers and effects of the camera. When reviewing the project folder created by this import, you will see the layers of your Photoshop file created as independent plans. The tower object plans, have applied materials and if you see the materials, see the properties of the chosen material, as the Luminance file and the texture of this property is the Photoshop Psd file. It is a bit to follow and understand, but essentially layers and some channels have been attributed to flat objects in Cinema 4D. Alpha property if there is a choice for the material, will be assigned to the alpha channel Photoshop file.