Cinema – What You Need To Know Making Your First Movie


So you have decided that you are going to create a movie. You have this beautiful story or concept for a movie. You have decided that you will be in the style of a comedy. Are you ready to take the camera and start making the movie.

Wait a second.

The technology with cameras and film has a film within reach of most of today. Of course you can take a camera and start creating movies. If you are serious about a quality movie could be shown at your local theater, you should keep in mind that between the idea and the publication and distribution of a film, there are 3 distinct stages.

First, the manufacturing phase of the film is the pre-production or planning phase.

This is where you should expect to spend about a third of your total time. This is where paperwork planning is created. Build your production team, manage your script and search and select locations. This is also the place where you decide and commit the distribution and equipment, comply with legal procedures, create the budget and publish the rents and services.

Reserve The team and the commitment of the postproduction companies for the edition, also apply here.

The success of the “production” phase lies in the film’s shooting based on effective planning here in pre-production.

The production stage or the recording is as follows.

Now we’re the real movie, are not we?

Most outdoor filmmakers might think that. Thoughts are where you spend the most time and where creativity happens. After all, this is where you get footage from the movie.

There is enthusiasm and make the film. The reality is that if you have been careful in your “pre-planning”, you should expect to devote about one-sixth of your time here.

This is where you can get the necessary images, make sure you have previewed clips and re-shoot if necessary. This is also the place to record sound in place.

Since it is the most expensive stage, it is important to run smoothly. All locations, gypsum and resources should have been configured and programmed in the “pre-production”. The shots, angles and vision must also already be assigned in a storyboard. This should be necessary to visualize the shooting in the “boat”.

The final phase of post-production or phase of cutting and editing.

This is where you will spend at least half of your total time and this is where the movie actually occurs. This is a very creative stage. You listen to and save all movies, save and add music and sound recording and voice effects.