Cinephile movie guide


It is therefore this time of year. The time to buy gifts for your friends and family once again as the world celebrates all this business, commercial, hungry for money, lively and full of holiday generosity. Some of you already have everything carefully. Others may be the last minute buyers like me and think that is even now that the beginning of the shopping season. No matter what you fall under, it is bound to at least a couple more on your checklist. In this article, we will give you some gift ideas for fans of movies that may have on your list.

1. Movies

Of course, a cinephile loves movies. However, this selection of gifts is not as obvious as some of you may think. In fact, it could be one of the hardest for a movie fan there are options. There are all sorts of problems that can arise here. You can choose the wrong format, the wrong medium, the wrong edition. Or you can simply choose the wrong movie. Or even buy a movie they already own (after all, they’re movie enthusiasts, you probably have tons of movies and make it even more likely to buy something they already have). That’s why I recommend you stay away from this selection unless the movie fan in your life has been actively hinting at a given movie lately. In that case, go ahead. The movies are really good for us movie lovers. But again, pay attention to what you buy. Or at least keep the receipt and not be offended when that person needs to retrieve his gift.

2. Netflix

Now for those of you who want to get their cinephile some movies but do not want to go through the headache making sure you do not get the wrong thing, Netflix is ​​your answer. Netflix allows cinephilia on your access to the list all types of movies from old to new domestic abroad, independent blockbuster and so on. The good thing about it too, to choose what movies they want to see, while you only pay for the subscription. Netflix gifts are offered in a variety of plans and a variety of lengths. You can get your amateur movie package as streaming or can choose a package that allows transmission and up to 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at a time. These can be purchased in lengths of 1 month to 1 year. For example, a 6-month streaming package will cost you about $ 48 or you can go with 2 DVDs at a time for 1 year for about $ 180 No matter what choice is sure to be a hit with amateurs The film in his life. No matter if you already have a subscription, either as a gift from Netflix can simply add to your current subscription and get months of free service.