Community – What the players really need

Actors are a rare species of people. They are shy, but bold, introverted, but kind, open and closed at the same time. Say that the actors are in emotional conflict slightly.

On stage, the actors are bold, confident and confident. They meet a big gap and go to strangers in order to communicate an idea, a character, an emotion. The actors want me to take you with them on their adventure. However, I know an actor is to meet someone who is very shy, who is sure that no one remembers that, themselves, I never forget a face.

We train the actors to project their voices and personalities of their characters. We teach them in turn to the public to see. We teach them how to interact with other characters on stage, how to get out of their enemies and their cast partners, how to get there on time … all this. And actors can achieve this in the structure of production and within the structure of the theater, but rarely do so in their daily lives. This is not natural for them.

Actors are not accustomed to being accepted by the mainstream, and it shows. The successful and brilliant actor develop a “public figure” (as we all do to some extent) to live in life. The difference between the actors and the rest of us is that actors are often aware of the role they play in real life and the rest of us are not.

Actors are sensitive children who stand out or feel as if they are different from their peers … and not in a good way. They are not accepted, easily hurt, reluctant to join. Girls are often very shy and very bright. Children are often difficult to express, to be the clown of the class and difficult to handle. Normally, there is only one or two a class like this, usually a child.

These children try football, hockey, scouts, guides and many other sports or organized clubs, with no result. His natural tendencies towards shyness and an imaginary world, or toward audacity and the pursuit of attention do not merge well with this kind of thing. The child is again a pilgrim, or in the case of the girls are wrong.