Dates of cinema are the worst

Why take a girl to the movies on the first date. If you try to meet someone, why are your movies left? You can not talk to yourself, you sit quietly for one and a half ET you eat badly smelling foods, probably, anyway. Leaving the theater is a poor effort, It also shows a lack of imagination and creativity.

It is better to be better served by taking a girl for dinner or something creative. Go to the cinema only despair. You have to show a girl you are not like any other guy she once was. Show her that she is more than a movie date, a date on which you do not know, but look at the other two people on a big screen to know.

Let’s face it, this is not even if you are going to see a movie you want to see. You’re not going to take a girl to watch the latest action movie or conspiracy movie. He’s going to watch a chicken movie. Why not take it to the movies at all, it really pays to try to be a little more creative. Maybe go to the trolley track or the bowls.

Dinner is safe option but not really different. Going on river boats, or horse-drawn cars is a bit bland, but a bit more adventurous. The best dates are those for which you will always remember. Maybe taking a girl for a drink is the best way for you to have fun and stay relaxed. A date is all about fun, after all; This is the best way to impress a woman permanently.

Somewhere where you can make fun you are the best place to go. There is no way to be sure that one day it will work. And, of course, it should be a good date to itself otherwise, no matter where it takes the same. But maybe that golf putt is a good place. You can make fun of the other shots and it does not feel so bad.