Develop your inner actor to get out of your own path

It’s a funny thing. Actors are encouraged to act, to assume roles that bring a world of imagination, fantasy and reflections of life reflected in a credible existence. In order to achieve the performance of a character well, the actor must engage the unknown, leaving his way, and be in the present moment. This power of presence and genuine self-confidence in the role of creating the charism that draws us the actors and the stories they tell.

“I just let the job speak for itself: an actor is not afraid to take risks, put on different hats, be a good guy, a bad guy, a victim, an assailant. “There are all kinds of people in the world, and gambling is what it is to act. “- Kevin Bacon

Why, then, do so many actors forget the skills and tools that have worked hard to develop all of life with regard to how they appear in your own life? Why do so many actors are not safe in their own way and out of alignment with their own power and authenticity?

The actors are brilliant to say yes to the authenticity of a character; Say yes to the story said, saying yes to act. But that this power to take risks, the ability to trust your instinct and willingness to extend well beyond the comfort zone in their own lives. He is often retained in the choices they make or self-sabotage in large-format tabloid making headlines. They leave their personal power which is your birthright and the force that prompts them to be an actor in the door and say NO to the experience of living that dream.

A performance actor is able to distance the internal criticism of doubt and fear. If an actor can disarm the inside of power during a performance review, he has the ability to disarm the same inner critic in his personal life. What can an actor do in a performance that is not done in an unwanted life experience? The answer is simple. A highly qualified actor to appear in the present moment, while the character and forget to apply the same talent in life. When it occurs in life at the moment, it is fully engaged, focused, unaware of the passage of time and “in the area” intentional creativity.

You create your life experience every moment of every day. If your thoughts, feelings and actions are based on perceived events of the past, they continue to create similar to their past experiences. For example, if an incident in its past brings a belief system, a “rulebook of life” that no talent / good / smart / rich / enough / young “enough” for what you want to achieve will continue to create Experiences “prove” that you are what you thought – not enough! Often an actor who believes internally “it is only a matter of time before they discover that I am not enough” create unconsciously drama in the form of self-destruction to justify this belief!