Diving – Outdoor Movies by the Pool


For many people, swimming is a beautiful summer. Why not combine this fun summer tradition with watching a movie? Diving movies combine two favorite family traditions to create a fun summer activity the whole family can cool off.

YMCA, communities and owner associations, community pools, water parks and even backyards are some of the many places where they carry out poolside made movies. Scuba diving movies are usually summer events, but places like aquatic centers with indoor pools can accommodate all year round.

A pool movie event is set up as a traditional outdoor movie event. A large inflatable screen, a powerful sound system and projector can transform an outdoor space into the cinema. The only difference with the events in the pool is that the cinema screen installed near the pool, and instead of sitting on chairs or blankets, movie lovers enjoy the experience of tubes rafts, noodles or swimming pool loungers pool.

Like any movie event, choosing the outdoor movie theater in the pool is important. Be sure to choose a movie based on the expected audience. A film on the water could be an excellent choice for your experience of diving in the film. Films like jaws or Pirates of the Caribbean are good selections for an older audience. For a family event, try to find Nemo, Shark Tale or Flushhed away.

In addition to a themed movie, serving themed movie snacks are another great way to get the most out of the main pool. The red fish, blue Jell-O Jigglers cut fish or shark shapes or even sandwiches cut into shapes of ocean animals are fun and simple refreshments for the whole family. Serve ice cream or frozen drinks to keep everyone happy. You can even rent a muddy machine to make special summer gifts.

Set the scene by decorating the event. Choose Tiki torches or citronella candles for good lighting and insect avoidance. Also consider decorating with balloons or blue flags or ocean themed garlands. Splashing the refreshment table with a cloth in bright colors, candles or special centers.

A movie splatter is an excellent addition to most summer, if you try to plan an event for your community to gather neighbors, or if you own a home trying to schedule a meeting to remind your home. You can also add a movie next to the pool another special event. Complete a birthday party in the afternoon or a family reunion with a movie after dark splashes, or arrange the end of the school year at a movie event.

Summer is to have fun with family and friends and find new and exciting ways to stay cool. An event next to the outdoor pool of the movie is fun for the whole family. Adults can relax on the sun loungers, and children can have fun in the pool, floating in chambers or noodles.