The same applies to all forms of art. Managers know that once people start to snore during his movies have lost the game. Writers, painters … everyone knows that once you fail to entertain your reader / viewer, a chance that You had to communicate your emotions and beliefs, evaporate faster than hydrogen on a sunny day in the heart of Cairo.

That said, the art of entertaining is one thing … and art is “entertainment” is another.

A good example is the magician here. He is an artist and his purpose is by definition explicit … to entertain with the use of magic. What he does has tremendous skills, a wealth of talent and dedication to his work. Be an artist, do not mind if members of your audience become better informed and informed after its show? No … In fact, the less they know what they have just seen, the more entertainment. Is the enrichment of the artist of the spiritual state of his audience concerned? And by “spiritual,” I do not mean the religious interpretation of the term. A person improves his / her “mind” through acquiring information, knowledge, ideas, perceptions and understanding of a subject that did not have prior exposure to the source of that information. A magician can enrich the mind of your audience? Yes you can. Is it mandatory, but because he is an artist? No it is not.