Essential Marketing Tips for Actors – What is Your Niche Brand? What makes it unique?


The best way to successfully start your acting career is to clarify what you are selling. What is your market? Niche? Brand?

The first step for most players is to get roles in off-off-on on Offway windows that give you the experience on stage or in the student / indie movies that give you the experience on the camera. It is good to observe and see the process, but not so good for a healthy income or not! When you want to advance and have a career in real acting (great roles, income, credibility, status), you must meet the agents to get a cast and casting directors and large series.

But here’s the catch. If you want to succeed in your meetings, you have to bring something important to the table: your brand, unique quality. (If not, you get lost in the confusion: agents and CDs watch hundreds of players every month!)

The way to do this is simple. Here is an example.

1- Choose a single market and focus on that first. PRIMETIME drama
2- Next, find your niche market – the kind of papers that you can easily play and for which you will be called frequently. Spies, Action Heroes, CIA agents
3. Define the brand / unique quality. “Sweet-looking, but Tough-Wise Ass” Result: Michael Weston at Burn Notice

The more you have clarity about your brand, the sooner you will work. Why? Because if the CD sees you as a specific type, you become a memorable, recognizable product. Recognizable products become very popular because fashion designers because when someone buys your product, they know exactly what they get.

Guaranteed. Every time. So if you specialize in “spies, high-end lawyers, young wicked, sweet kind vulnerable, psycho-killers” will be offered, these roles suddenly have so much, your income increase and you get list A. Then, You have control of your career and the roles you want to play. You are in demand! Success! Is that how it works.

But first, it is necessary to do a little work. You have to find your brand.

This exercise works
E-mail 10 friends, family or co-workers and ask them to describe their 3 most striking qualities. You will be surprised when several are represented with the same words – this is your only quality mark. Just to summarize in a logical short line and connect it to the role in a TV series or movie. Some current customers:

Beautiful south-green eyes with a hoarse laugh, a war hero has gone to seed, “smile” suburban father, smoking chain, adoratif mom, clever psychic with a gun, cyclist hippie stroller, dity Office worker, sweet fourth victim grade teacher, a hot guy with a dorky smile, an awesome brunette with a passion for shopping, tour queen became a soccer mom, smart, computer snarls arrogant

FOCUS to make your brand unique, memorable. Refine it, polish it and make it sparkle like a diamond. Spiff up. Maybe it will make some “adjustments” to your image. Long hair do not work? Be different, shine, shake, cut or swing and frame your face. Operate it for you. Find a hairstyle “YOU”. A scratched beard, goatee, shaved head is not created an agent or without hearing? (The style may be very common today and, unless you were to have your head shaved, since it is close to being bald, it is probably a better option than going forward).

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