Eylons – Aylin Berkay Turkish film stars Secret sexuality


Aylin Berkay exhibited three distinctive physical features in each of the 12 films she made – whether she was in a comic role (such as Oh Oooh Front Aydemir Akbaş and Baba Room Rooms [real name: Kamer Sadık!]) Or on a piece of paper More serious (as in Esmerin Adi Sarışının tadi with Tarik Şimsek and Zerrin Doğan).

The first thing you hear when Aylin Hanım appears is her long, shiny mane of blond hair – which (as a budding poet once wrote) was “does not match what there carpets out there.”

Later, when the plot requires less Aylin fully dressed, it shows its second physical characteristic: a high male torso.

And when Aylin Hanım illuminates the look of “innocence surprised” on the screen, revealing his third physical characteristic, you might think that you were in the presence of the original female of Mute Blonde.

But it would be a mistake.

Because qu’Aylin was originally a man named Ali – who honorably honored his mandatory military duty as a full member of the Turkish military’s Gaza military operation.

Exactly when Ali Berkay (or maybe Ali Saraç) had “OP” and changed Aylin Berkay is not registered.

Other scene transsexual Turkish artists and screen include: Emel Aydan (whose male name was Kasif Erdogan – once a strip club in Milan, performed under the name of Rita Santiago) Tijen Erman (Carol also known as Christian) and Derya Sonay Ahenk Dalgalıdeniz.