Film festivals can be very good for independent filmmakers

If you are one of those people who have gone to film school and still can not understand why they do not teach you how to get a job in the film industry, then I suggest you stop complaining, collect any Producing creative films and working people you know, becoming an independent film and in film festivals. If you win a prize at a film festival in good stead your life can change very dramatically for the better. Even a small prize in a smaller festival more than you probably have on the road to a career in film industry film.

Most people go to film school with great dreams of work and maybe even make a name for themselves. They have visions of red carpet interviews, acceptance speeches from the Academy Awards and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, most of them never see these dreams come to fruition and will face endless frustration and disappointment instead.

After graduating from film school most people should go into a business that is considered one of the most difficult in the world to find a job, unless you have links, of course. For those who do not have the connections, it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately for them, the Hollywood film industry is run by a very united community that practices nepotism and rarely opens the door to newcomers.

If you want to enter Hollywood, but your name is not Barrymore, Begley, Cyrus or Sheen and the only connection you have is a cousin who runs your local cinema, your best chance of success is to make an independent movie and enter In film festivals. If you place in the top three of any category you enter, you will usually be asked to send a copy of the film from its film to the film festival so that it can be screened to the public attending these events.

The public film festival is a combination of film critics, journalists, media, representatives of film distribution, film buffs, celebrities and local residents. These are the people who can create a buzz around a movie after they see it. When a buzz around a movie is created in a movie festival usually starts in the halls of the theater then makes its way into the media where you can take a living. If this happens to a movie that is destined to succeed, and the person who made the film trampolines into a career in the movie industry. Ask Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino about the value of film festivals and will tell you.