Film Talker – Talking or not talking

The other day I was watching a movie in a theater with a few friends. It was supposed to be a comedy, but could not bear a laugh. If I had not gone with a couple of friends, and it would have been in another theater at that time. Especially a movie like this, it would have been better to rent to pay a million dollars to see. It becomes expensive just to watch a movie today. After the pop factor, sweets and prices of your ticket, almost need to take a second mortgage. Anyway, I’m not really in the movie, and I can not leave. I start biting my lips because I have a bad habit that makes my friends go crazy. Suddenly I hear a familiar sound; A man two lines down has the same condition as me. My dimples take shape for the first time tonight. The two-line film is a loudspeaker.

For those of you who are not familiar with my condition, let me show you some of our best features. Broadcasters are three types of films. Sometimes a person can have all three of these characteristics, but most often a talkative movie is one of three.

The first type of television broadcasting is what I call good friend. Do not be fooled, this type of diffuser film is definitely not. Good friend likes to talk with the characters on the screen as if they were friends. They may say things like, “Do not go to this room, someone waits outside the door – you’re going to kill” This person inadvertently reveals the plot of the film. It is important to remember that good friends do not always realize what you are doing. Whether or not the good friend has visualized the film, it is not necessarily a sine qua non to speak film. Unfortunately, if they are good or bad on the result of the movies, this does not change the fact that they are still talking during the movie.

The second type of film speaker may think they have a sixth sense to untangle a great mystery but are really nothing more than someone who says what is already known. I call him movie advisor … Captain Obvious. The special power of Captain Obvious appears in the foreseeable films. Captain Obvious might say things like, “Did you see this jump? What movie do you think we see here the captain? Or, “This is the kind before, remember who was in the background when so-and-so died. Although Captain Obvious may seem a rather annoying talkative movie, there is a more talkative movie is far worse.