Filming locations for the film


Installations to build sets are not always available or do not correspond exactly to what the script asks for. At this point, what is left is to find a place to shoot the scene.

By geographical areas, locations vary enormously costs. If you are in an area used for shooting, prices can go sky high. The shooting in this area is the cornerstone and anyone who will live the bum on the street to the real estate. But if you are a place where nobody sees anyone take over, you can get everything for free and the owners to be very proud that allows you to draw in their premises.

I remember once entering a building in Barstow, California. I asked if we could get to the scene. The guy looked at me as if I was from Mars. While in Hollywood or Beverly Hills If you ask, almost anywhere, the right to film on your premises, the first word is “how much do you pay?”

Anyway, it is not surprising that the great film studios have decided to settle in Hollywood. The variety of landscapes that can be put on hand in Southern California is just beyond imagination. You will find lakes, mountains, snow, deserts, oceans, hills, green fields, rocks, cities, canyons, roads, small roads, mansions, large buildings, single family houses of all kinds, churches, airfields, small airports and Large, metros, railway stations, fishing ports, tourism, industrial, whatever, it is a place full of resources and easy access. And on top of all the time, it’s perfect for the year.

Over the years, the search for locations has changed. The explorers were on the road all the time looking for the exact place that corresponds to the exact scene. Now, the Internet has changed all that. You have a lot of places on hand on the Web. And before investing more time, you can choose what best suits your needs.