Five most fascinating horror films of all time

Horror movies have long been the favorite of many viewers because of the excitement and surprise offered. The horror genre is rather loose, but a key directive is a film created a panic and alarm among the population. Horror movies that play in the worst public fears of taking something out of everyday life and turning it into fear. Most horror movies are a key figure that epitomizes evil in any form or has the ability to put the fear of God in others. Typical horror movies include one of the ghosts, vampires or zombies that live among the general population and wreak havoc as much as possible. It may also be that violence is included in a horror film to scare the public. In the horror genre, many sub-genres, such as horror comedy, horror zombies and supernatural terror. Because the vast majority of horror films include horror scenes, most of these films receive a note banning young appearance. It may not be a bad thing, because it is important for children to be protected from watching scary movies until their parents feel that they agree. Here are the five most exciting horror movies of all time.

“The Exorcist”

Based on a 1971 book of the same name, “The Exorcist” is considered by many to be the greatest horror film of all time. Directed by William Friedkin, this classic from 1973 is inspired in the case of the participation of 1,949 exorcism Roland Doe. The main premise of the film revolves around a girl possessed by demons whose mother uses exorcism to find her real daughter. The film was a critical success and earned ten Oscar nominations. At that time, the film was ranked among the highest grossing films of all genres. “The Exorcist” was also the first horror film to be nominated for best picture at the Oscars.


“Scream” is a typical slasher that follows the fate of a group of teenage friends who are targeted by a mysterious killer. With young stars like Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, the film was widely regarded as a hit and became a horror movie headline of the future. Although the film was highly censored, it was able to reach a wider audience due to the inclusion of several traditional actors and actresses. “Scream” was able to reach a female audience like no other horror film ever made. Since its release, “Scream” has become a cult movie due to its continued fanatics. Many sequels that have been generated, since, with the franchise already established as a reference for the horror genre.