For actors, there are many paths to success

Many young actor entered the entertainment industry has the mindset that there are only a few ways to make career. They are stuck on the trampled path and wonder why they were unsuccessful. Their strategy is to follow the herd instead of figuring out what they need to know how to apply this knowledge, and how to do it brilliantly for people to hire them. Instead of being pragmatic, they follow the mediocre culture enough to get through it.

This unique thinking pattern is the result of some power, that power of the old educational system thinking of castles in the sky, the instructor’s misleading statements and the school’s performance, plus a reluctance to seek alternative paths. Very easy to fall into a tunnel vision when pursuing a career in entertainment, especially among newcomers. They follow the people around them who were stranded in the swamp of doubt.

The thought of castles in the sky more frequent among young actors. They came to the entertainment centers such as Los Angeles and New York have the right feeling, they should do some things to find and get a job. Instead of setting the boat, they obsess about getting an agent, entering the union, or entering the top-level shop. The obsession is marketing; Produce images, curriculum vitae and presentation reels. The purpose, since it does not have much to do with the study of one’s experience.

The other people involved in the old education system, which gives more benefits to instructors than students. This is especially true in stage workshops, which perpetuate the myth that a person learns the best way. For beginners and intermediate students, the workshop these are not very effective learning place. Why is this? More time and energy is spent in placing a scene rather than learning the basic acting skills. Storing a scene instructor, exercises, performances and criticism, they spent precious time. This time could be better spent on learning and perfecting certain techniques