For your movie

Each film production requires some form of funding whatsoever. Even the most basic short film needs funding. Finance pay for the cast, the equipment, the equipment, the post-production, musical creations and places. All film productions cost money.

However, you can be very skilled with how your movie is set. I personally have done three films in which three months from the first day of filming, we had no money. Due to our commitment, we have collected an effective budget of about $ 50,000 and approximately $ 500,000 in contributions on the first day of filming. Where there is a will there is a way. When you set a deadline, everything will fall into your way of getting the movie.

The director of micro finance budget is working on that

• each contribution

• each free place

• each member of the crew working as co-owner and


• Each player working for a percentage

• The equipment you can get at a discount

Finance is essentially for the movie.

This is your budget are not cash and should be 80% or more of a total budget for your micro-budget film

It is difficult to donate everything, if you do a standard film professional. The minimum professional standards imply that the treatment of the crew and executes them, who feed them and take care of them as well. This costs money. Sometimes a site is going to cost money. Sometimes you have to pay for the equipment and hire the editors. Here is a great rule of thumb and just a guide.