Games for Improvisation the young actor

Improvisation games are a wonderful way to break the ice with your new team to examine and build skills and help your actors find themselves in the characters they portray and the script you are working with them. Through improvisational exercises and game players learn to react quickly to changes in their environment and create at the moment a new way to look at or respond to them or express feelings about a situation that has also been Created spontaneously.

As a director of young artists have developed a repertoire that I would like to share here, I think games that work well with children and teens. These are by no means all original products, in fact, most of them have been around for a long time, but include them here not as my own inventions but as games that I find particularly useful and popular with my Young actors.

Park Bench – which is usually the first game I teach. It’s simple, and luckily played for all ages – believe it or not, I met the crew of 5 to 8 years old to play this game for an hour or so! I start asking a volunteer to be the first innocent nanny. I say the secretary bench he is sitting there watching your own business when a new person comes along and sits next to him – and I encourage the child next to come join the first. The work of the second person says or does something to make the first person leave. The first work, which is an important person to do point is the statement or action of the second person you want to bring out. When the first person gets up and leaves, the second person moves up and becomes the next innocent nanny and gets the next child online now to leave. The innocent bench of origin goes to the end of the line the other antagonists of the future park bench waiting their turn.

Gel – Another old watch, the gel has always been and is appreciated by players of all ages. Start with two volunteers taking the stage. The director asks the public to give the two volunteers a scenario to start a scene with a location, activity and that both actors portray. Leaving no time for both actors do a lot of thought, the director asks the volunteers to start the scene. The scene progresses for a few minutes, then when the actors are in a physical training interesting director cries “Freeze! And the two actors must freeze their bodies at that time.