Horror movie – attracts movie lovers


The film industry offers many types of films. These are particular types of movies that entertain us. They make us laugh, make us cry and sometimes scares us, but in any case, we have fun and feel emotions. The main types of films can be classified into 11 categories. These 11 types of movie genres are action movies, adventure movies, comedy films, detective movies and theater gangsters, historical / epic films, horror movies, musical films Movies science fiction, Western

As each genre name suggests film is filled with the named item, such as action with large stunts, comedy and nerve sequences tickle as well. With traditional types of genre films there are also categories of non-genre films. Some of these categories of non-genre films can be animated films, classical films, cult movies, children’s movies and so on. Whatever genre is what the categories are, it is a true fact that movies entertain us and really lead us to a new world of fantasies.

The film shows the most unforgiving heart the most beautiful faces, the ugliest faces, the most affectionate heart full of love and at the same time, for example, we can see all the emotions of our lives in these films. The movies have great dance sequences, music and sights. No one can save you the magic of these movies. Social movies spread a good message to society a good place to live. These films inspire us a lot. The films offer an education in this regard.

A kind of film that attracts a large mass of film enthusiasts is horror movies. Horror movies have strange characters with unusual faces and body structures. These films show sound effects that are very timid that cause chills and chills. Horror movies also excite us and are filled with cold sequences in the back.

Horror movies are often a scary and shocking ending. They make us afraid that we captivate and entertain us at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror movies have a wide range of styles from the silent beginnings Nosferatu Classic, CGI monsters today and humans deranged. Sometimes they combined with science fiction. Here, the threat or monster is linked to a corrupt technology, or when the Earth is threatened by extraterrestrials. The most frightening movies show sequences of an old and grand desert of the palace, with no one but a ghost and a group of people confronting it or her strange consequences. These films are full of special effects sound and light effects.