How to become a respected actor with a long-term career

The mystique of Hollywood attracts thousands of potential actors in Los Angeles every year. They feel they have “got the goods” to make it as a star, then they are articulated with a digital photo reproduced taken by their best friend and a little community theater for them to book a regular party at CSI: Miami . After a few months, his short money and the only audiences who had to have a student film and a soft-porn. You can not book, there are usual series of no-listen, and no reminder sent by email to complete agents.

Some of these players stay longer, but most will eventually come home … thousands. This is the myth of Hollywood that everyone wins the lottery if they move.

Wayne C. Dvorak is a successful actor trainer in the Los Angeles area who knows what it takes to make him truly an actor and have a long and satisfying acting career. Here are his answers on how to overcome the Hollywood myth to create an actor who succeeds and who is worthy.

QUESTION: What do you say about the myth that you do not need training to be a successful actor?

There are many types of career in Hollywood. A fruitful kind of becoming the personality of an actor. These actors interpret themselves in essence – as comedian Ray Romano or as a beautiful woman like Pamela Anderson; The careers of these people inspired by their personalities. This is a type of career, which is part of the entertainment industry, and the public has difficulty accepting it as something else. Personality actors are not really focused on in-depth action. Of course, there are exceptions, like Rosie O’Donnell. But, if you really want to be an actor known for your action (not just your personality), you must be willing to do the work that it takes to become one. And it takes dedication. It takes dedication to learning a trade. And I think with most people, they just do not take the time. The actors really have to work. They have to sit down and do something serious.