How to get an agent to act

If you want to be a successful actor or want to have kids in the business, he is a team member you must know and understand.

There are agents, then there are AGENTS!

You can not combine high-powered agents such as Creative Artists Agency (CAA), William Morris Agency (WMA), International Creative Management (ICM), Don Buchwald and Associates, and Agency Gersh with suits on a problem here person That comes out.

Most transactions at higher levels are traded by agents.

An important difference between the agents and almost all other players, except for lawyers is that they are regulated by state law.

The Biggest Agencies Smaller Agencies

The Big Three – CAA, William Morris and ICM. These companies have at least 50 agents working for them. There are some mid-level agencies that are respected (mainly composed of former major fighters agencies). They are the focal point of the electric brokerage in Hollywood and New York. It’s the same for the rest of the world for that matter.

High-powered agents represent their clients in all aspects of film and television, including commercials, prints and live performances. It is called “the representation of the complete image.” The cost of this service is governed by unions. An agent receives no more than 10% of each talent process.

Smaller agencies will specialize in their fields. At the beginning of his career, many actors have different agents for different areas. They will have a theatrical agent (Movies and Television), a commercial agent (only Commercial), voice over Agent, Agent live appearance (singers, actors, etc.).

What are the agents?

An agent does not work for the actor. An agent who works for the casting director and the production company.