How to get movie tickets Discount Regal Cinemas


Do you like to watch movies? Who does not? And with the big movies that continue to come out every season, we are looking for a cowardly change to give the following projection. Looking for movie tickets Discount real cinemas? Thank you for your good luck because I have found only the offer for you.

My friends and I go to film school, they like to watch movies. We study the different types of genres available – romance, drama, comedy, suspense, suspense – and we try to analyze the different techniques used in the film. That’s why we spent a lot of time (and money!) In the movie theater. Lately, however, everyone was a bit financially. That’s why I started looking online for ways to get discounted movie tickets. Curious we found it? Here are the great deals offered by Regal Cinemas:

1. VIP Super Savings movie entry: Save up to 40% when you buy the VIP Super Savings ticket. A restricted step, which allows you to see a standard feature at the low price of $ 6.50, 12 days after the movie’s release. This ticket does not expire – it can be used at any time. In addition, you can choose to upgrade.

2. Super Savings movie premiere tickets: valued at $ 7.50, you get a 35% discount on tickets. Unlike VIP Super Saving, this step allows you to access any standard feature at any time. There is no expiration date.

3. Ultimate Ultimate Package The perfect gift for the movie partner, this step gives your headlines two unlimited movie tickets, plus a gift certificate for $ 10, good for any dealer or box office. He does not expiration date for the couple opting to use any movie they want to watch at any time!