Like an Indy movie

So what do you do when you have non-professional and budget-minded actors? Embrace the philosophy of docudrama film / neorealist. When you can not afford special effects and luxury cameras, they do not eliminate your budget. You make your special effect of minimalism and flouez the boundaries between fiction and reality. For a film Church, I suggest a black and white docudrama mission. We have seen the success of the docudrama in the films (Blair Witch Project) comedies (The Office) and TV Reality (Jersey Shore). This article will explore the philosophy behind the production of this hybrid genre.

Pre-production and neorealism

Rossellini, the father of the Italian neo-realist movement, had no intention of creating a movement. He basically said all this came from not having enough money to do anything else. This makes it less complicated pre-production for independent filmmakers. Behind all the rhetorical trotter, neo-realism equates to a session on the site and rewrite the script to fit the actual actors of the person and not the trade that are available. In many ways, the stage takes place in 50% and 50% of improvisation, resulting in a very real sense of reality on the screen.

When Roberto Rossellini released his first movie, Open City, people said how realistic it was; Hence the term neo-realism. Andre Bazin, film theorist, was a big fan of neo-realism and Rossellini in particular. The goal, according to Bazin, is to reach all life by seeing its simplicity.

Rossellini was able to put reality into the entertainment world at a time when movies were getting bigger and more fantastic. Instead of escaping reality, Rossellini made us face. Instead they flood us with exceptional creations and special effects, gave us fragments of reality and invited us to participate together.

At the time of the war, Rossellini believed that there was a desperate desire for truth in the film. It is for this reason that a moral position of his cinema has been granted. No one has reported what really happened during the war and wanted people to know. The story of the film was used to expose the truth. Dramatic stories were happening around him and he wanted to capture them. It is arguable that The Hurt Locker and Precious would fit a neorealistic hybrid.