Lincoln (no vampires!) A MUST SEE movie!


Lincoln seems to be a hot topic in the halls this year. I do not know why this is so, but first, they hunt vampires and now the slaves are freed. Go Abraham!

I must begin by saying that this movie was incredible. Really. It was great (and I mean damn cool!), And action scripts, reach and emotional impact has been extraordinary.

But a word of warning … this is not the movie that kills vampires. So if you think it is you will probably be very confused and about an hour to wonder happy when the vampires come and how the writers have disappeared with NO including this fairly large fougueur element in the first 10 or 20 minutes of the film . Because you can not make a vampire movie with Abraham Lincoln and vampires are not principles.

You may also wonder how the frame works vampire at all, once you have one or two hours in the movie. A rebel soldier from the north and attack will raise the president dear, only to be found and beheaded a vampire? Is one of the cabinet members opposed to emancipation becomes a vampire and Lincoln eventually justified hitting a stake in his racist heart? These are true thoughts you have if you expect vampires.

How can I know? Well, this is what happened. Firstly, I’m not really what movies to come out, what’s hot and what’s not, and so on. As you will have noticed if you follow me anywhere, I am very surprised to write lately. So I do not know which version of Lincoln’s vampire had come to an end and never went to theaters. I did not know there was another movie that Lincoln, surprisingly, not always vampires AVEAIT!

Dmytry and I planned our afternoon to see the latest Twilight movie. But my parents and my 14 year old sister come to town this family I-night have not seen in the last few years – and they wanted to see us, so I rescheduled this particular movie for tomorrow and they have decided instead to go. Being the good wife that I am, and as I have the most impressive husband who wanted to use our little time to the movies to see Twilight, we told him we could pick up the movie. I would like to see everything I wanted.