Marketing Tip for Actors: What is the best time to go to Los Angeles?



When you are ready. Ready to work on prime time television and are committed to mastering the necessary skills (especially Copy Technique), obtaining representation is essential and spending at least 2-3 years to get there. 5 is more realistic. Pay? Ten times (probably more) income to work in New York and hundreds of times more than working alone in the theater. More importantly, you have a great positioned career list.

Once set up on television and movies you can come back and STAR Broadway calls “the backdoor approach” – as interpreted by Bebe Neuwirth, Jeremy Piven, Ed Harris, Julia Roberts and many “names.” All doors open once established, easier to be online at 5 am for an EPA-replacement paper call.

Many television actors bounce very easily into the cinematographic work. He could also simply stay in a lateral career working on television – moving from one show to another as an “established name.” But anyway, you’re later than fighting in New York for the less paperless series available. There are over 15 or more prime time series in New York and about 120 in Los Angeles. Therefore, if you can reserve heavy roles in the first time, make an income of 6 or 7 digits in a few years and have the opportunity to work anywhere in any medium – which is not bad. At least that’s the model. But we must do things right.

So when is the right time to go to Los Angeles?

In April, July and December. Why?

For April, after the pilot season almost all agents / agencies do the spring cleaning. They are cleaning your list of actors who for some reason did not work literally did not work, it did not have an important role during the pilot season and the last year of his contract. 30% or more are often abandoned by agencies during this period. And? Agents are looking for new SAME faces to replace EXACT clients that might have / should have reserved functions.

In July, when the episodic season just begins. This means “as usual” if most shows, after being paused, they have released their weekly episode, hence the name. That goes until October. Multiply 115-120 times shows 5-10 roles per week and you have a ball park on the amount of roles available for new faces and semi-experienced new faces, actors who have worked in the previous season or two and are Known for casting directors.

In December weeks before or during the pre-pilot season. Things are running for holidays, but also being prepared – a few smarties will launch a pilot project at the beginning. A number of agents will fill your list of known tradable types so they are ready for the “shark-fest” launch next January. If you meet, hear and get signed at that time – you are ready to go. Then in January you can go into the small roles in episodic movies, and you can even get a shot in the contract parts. If you know the casting directors at this time – December probably remember projects that show up two to four weeks later. Good weather! You can have an average of 3-5 week Auditions depending on their type and pull your agent. He is busy! Actors already established with 2, 3 or 4 seasons under his belt, Ditto and more! They reserve the big roles!