Marketing Tips for Actors – Get a Great Head Shot – Just Be You



What makesĀ an excellent treat?

It’s the simplest thing in the world, but most players are wrong. And the photographers are wrong and ironically, many photographers in the head of the head who work specifically with the actors are wrong.

What is the secret?
Nothing. Do nothing. All you have to do is be yourself in the camera. Simple. However, very difficult for most players who are incredibly shy when it comes to being themselves. If you can not focus on one more character – something that everyone spend years learning to do as actors – there is confusion, insecurity, fear and tension, so a bad head. By adding the frustration of most photographers I have known or worked that do not know how to get an actor to relax. So, say things like “Relax, feel, be more calm, stop biting the lip or hood of the eyes!” Or “Relax your forehead,” there are lines and wrinkles that fear, lower shoulders, breathe! “The list is endless, the result: an actor becomes conscious, annoying, nervous and tense, it is a downward spiral.
What to do?

Five simple steps for a big shot in the head

1- Choose a photographer who feels comfortable with the “trendy” type to which all the actors. (“Oh, if only I had a top head of the picture with this guy, I’ll be successful too!”) NO, not true.

2- Go your “type” and your scope – the type of paper that is going to be thrown and the game before deciding the closet. There is nothing worse than a generic drawer, one with an actor dressed in a white white shirt or a black sweater with a trompeux smile. Know your papers. Doctor, lawyer, businessman, teacher, mom, dad? Dress or suggest it. Use your favorite colors: Solid are generally higher than impressions. Other error? An actress wore too much jewlery, make-up or choose more appropriate suits for a nightclub, a beach party, a baseball game or just hanging out in a bar. It’s okay if that’s what you sell as a brand. Otherwise, casting directors are confused as to how to start or call you for a role, then do not do it! (Get advice from a career coach if you do not know his type or use it).

3- Explain thoroughly with makeup and stylist exactly how it looks every day. All too often, a stylist will be your hair so it does not look like you normally look at it, so you end up with pictures that are not rendered correctly. This is especially true for women; it can be applied to men with longer hair that can be modified with foam, spray, a curler. For curly hair on women – if that’s how you look at it, do not smooth your hair just for the head, unless you want to do it every day of your life. The casting directors want to see the real one, you’re not what it could be. ”

4- Bring a CD or more with the music you like. Create your own “space” and place yourself in the studio. Bring water or your favorite juice, snack, food. Bring your favorite photos of your pets, your children, your family or your partner so you think of positive images and memories. Special attention just to be comfortable.
So it takes a half hour or even 15 minutes to sit down and just be yourself. Do not reach late and rush into a shootout with beauty, dress, flashing, flashing lights. Anything that creates tension. Relax before sitting on the chair or stool where you will be photographing.

In my experience with more than a dozen photographers aloud in four years, the best moves I’ve ever made were taken by a photographer who was part of a husband / wife team. He met at the door and offered a refreshment that leads to a quiet dressing room where you can relax with soft music. He sat and ER with you for a full half hour until you heard a click of his camera and saw a flash of strobe light. Of course, they knew lighting and were proficient in the art of photography, but their team success includes the psychology of relaxation and the harmony of their players / clients. Sparkly!

5- Use your “technical” action while shooting.