Marketing Tips To Win Actors – Get Your Ducks In A Row

When I was studying theater at Carnegie Mellon, I was a classmate who had a famous father, an opera singer known in Europe. He was very talented and had a huge following. I heard this story about one of his opening nights during a performance in a Wagnerian opera.

Always kind and open, tenor arguing with someone behind the scenes as the orchestra began to play and in the darkness, the curtain lifted. Obviously, he was busy telling a joke or a story when there was a silence in the public, total silence. Then the orchestra suddenly stopped and the hilarity. Everyone was shouting with laughter. Looking at the nearly empty stadium, he realized too late that he had lost his entry into the back of a huge swan. Without losing his rhythm, he turned to the stage manager and asked, “When is the next swan”

Often, when I talk to the players, I mention our upcoming ActorMarathons NY or LA “or our Sitcom, Movie Theater, commercial camper camps run by celebrity guest filmmakers. It always surprises me that many people think about it for a while or ask the question: When’s the next one? ”

I wonder if they really want to be powerful actors or that I just want to continue doing the same, always the same, have a day of work and abandon their true career.

What prevents good talented players to succeed?
There is no lack of talent or training. There are many things out there. Is it fear, poverty-mindedness or simply disbelief that the opportunity could really make a difference? I do not think their fear. If someone really wants something, they overcame the fear, if you ask someone to cut long hair. And it is not lack of funds. If someone really wants something, they will find the money. I even had actors who said they could not afford good head shots, since they had booked a Caribbean vacation. Somehow, they found the money for the trip, but not for the marketing tools needed. Gee! Priorities were there!

I think the reason why good actors do not succeed is the perception that they have a great deal of time – the opportunities are many and they will remain young forever. Procrastination. “Oh, next year I’m going to Los Angeles to work on a prime time show.” “I’m going to have a six-month demo when I have money.” “I’m going up to take this class next semester.” Suppose everything is waiting for them, that nothing ever changes. This is an incorrect assumption. This is also the case with people who will never get what they want in life. One way or another, they are missing the train or the swan because they do not COMMIT.