Masses entertaining films of karate

The movies have been a popular time spent in the United States and other countries around the world since the invention of the camera. Even before the sound is incorporated, the movies have attracted crowds of people to the theater for two or three hours of the real world. No movies available for everyone to taste too. Action movies, mystery movies, thrillers, science fiction and animation are just a few of the options available today. Among the many types of movies, karate movies have generated a cult as follows and made famous many actors specializing in martial arts movies.

Even if you are not fond of karate movies, you have probably heard of many of them. Who ever heard of entering the dragon? Or how about Karate Kid? These movies and many others that characterize karate have become icons and are seen again and again by people who love and appreciate both the genre.

Even if you’ve never seen a Bruce Lee movie, there’s no doubt that recognizes the name. He was born in San Francisco, many are surprised to learn, but grew up in Hong Kong before returning to the United States as a teenager. His father was an actor, so it’s no surprise that Lee ended up on television and in the movies. However, no one could imagine his success with films like Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, and previously mentioned Enter the Dragon. He died early at the age of 32 may have been a factor in his cult, but remains an icon to this day, especially for his work in martial arts movies.

Chuck Norris is another actor who, while featuring a variety of films through a tiered career, and perhaps even better known for younger generations for their home work advertising gyms, made a name for him – even as a featured artist in Karate Films. Chuck was born in Ryan, Oklahoma and served in the United States Air Force before appearing in his first film in 1969 and got his first starring role in 1977. Films like An Eye For eye and dragon way, played the sworn enemy of Bruce Lee, as well as other documents, each with their martial arts skills, Chuck Norris made a name recognized worldwide.