Movie Notes

Movies are a favorite time for young and old. The smell of popcorn, the thrill of watching a movie on a big screen, wrapped in his and sharing the experience with a crowd is all an interesting part of going to the theater. Watching a home movie curled up with a loved one is a moment of relaxing past quality. Movies have been in our lives for a long time, but when you have children, you begin to ask what is appropriate and what is not. Imagine the horror of a supposed family film that gets squeezed and turned off. It’s not a fun way to spend the night. That’s why films are so important.

The Association of America Motion Picture (MPAA) has created a rating system that allows people to know what is appropriate for each age group. The MPAA President does not vote on the qualifications, but chooses the thirteen members who are members of the qualifying board. These members have experience in educating children so that they can make an appropriate decision. Then look at all the movies and discuss the classification accordingly. Once the film is filed, the decision is given to the producer with an explanation of why the film was described as the way it was. If the producer do not agree with the decision, you can re-edit the film and resubmit or may appeal the note.

What are the qualifications? Here is a quick negligence.

G is for the general public. No violence, no nudity, no strong themes and the film is suitable for young children. It does not mean that the film is a film for children. These films are generally suitable for all audiences and make great family evenings. He is PG of parental guidance and means there is a brief nudity, blasphemy and some violence. No drug use in a PG movie, but parents may not be suitable for young children.

PG13 is very careful for parents. These films may contain strong language, nudity, drug use and are not recommended for children under the age of thirteen. R nominal movies are limited. This means that children under 17 need an adult to watch the movie. These films contain sexual content, prolonged use of drugs, extreme violence and rudeness. Theaters and shops do not generally allow children under eighteen to buy or watch these movies.

NC17 films used to have an X rating and content dated and mature themes and are not suitable for children. It does not mean that the film is obscene or pornographic. This means that the film is more adult than a Rated R oriented film.

Foreign films can also be classified using this system. It is not mandatory that no film is classified in these guidelines, but most theaters do show a movie unless it is classified.